e/home Update at IFA 2005

The e/home activities at IFA 2005 will be given the well-proven title "e/home update". The lecture events will take place on Tuesday, September 6, 2005, from 10am - 7pm in room 4/5 of ICC Berlin.

According to the latest reports, here are the special points of focus which are setting the trends for e/home 2006:

Keynote: The Digital Living Network: Market influences and DLNA's Vision Shape a New Lifestyle
The current industry landscape and consumer expectations lay the groundwork for a new market of digital products. These products will allow consumers to effortlessly manage, view and share digital content in a way that enhances and enriches their experiences. Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) envisions an interoperable network that enables consumers to seamlessly share content through a wired of wireless network, bringing the industry one step closer to the realization of truly digital living.

Speaker: Scott Smyers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

News from the World of Entertainment

Current trends and developments. Introductory lecture.
Speaker: Wolfgang Tunze, Journalist and Member of the e/Home Advisory Board

Services for the networked home. The Triple -Play from Deutsche Telecom.
Speaker: Carlo Bewersdorf, Head of Marketing & Sales T -Home, T -Online

UPnP - Leading the way to an interconnected lifestyle
Speaker: Rob Ranck, Executive Director, UPnP™ Implementers Corporation

Integration und user -friendly combination of different ways of networking the home. Intelligent living via consumer -oriented industry partnerships. Compatible products from leading home automation manufacturers will put standard Gigaset cordless telephones in the center of the intelligent home. Complete system solutions feature simple installation, retrofitting, and intuitive operability.
Speaker: Dr. Gerd Lütjering, Head of Gigaset Home Control, Siemens AG Communications

How does one live when one's PC knows more than oneself? Tobit Software presents 'The smartest house in the world' and demonstrates its approach of using a PC -based centralized solution for entertainment and home automation in both private and commercial environments.
Speaker: Matthias Wäßle, Marketing Communications, Tobit Software AG

Intelligent home control as implemented at 'Haus der Gegenwart' Munich
Speaker: Roland van Mark, Elektro Beckhoff GmbH

Creating a new lifestyle - living projects and field reports

How you will live your life - Goals and experiences from T -Com from the perspective of the individual project partners. Introductory lecture followed by a panel discussion.
Speakers: Frank Bindel, Head of Product Innovation, T -Com; Klaus -Dieter Schwendemann, VP of Marketing, Weberhaus; Jörg Engelbrecht, Department Head, Neckermann; Harry Strasser, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens AG, Communications Department

Best Practice: „Smarter Living NRW". Hattinger Wohnstätten eG and the Fraunhofer Institute give reports about initial experiences of the application of networking technology in Hattingen and offer some forecasts of what the future has in store.
Speakers: Dr. Viktor Grinewitschus, Head of inHaus Zentrum Duisburg, Fraunhofer Institut Duisburg; Armin Hartmann, Technical Project Development, Hattinger Wohnstätten eG.

Marketing initiatives/Success stories

Interbranch cooperation from industry, specialized crafts and trades to marketing network solutions.
Speakers: A discussion of ZVEI, Dr. Reinhard Hund, Head of Initiative Intelligent Living; ZVEH, Werner Schmidt, Chairman of the Board Information Technology, Euronics, Heiko Pischtschan

Best Practice: Climb on board now and take advantage of new sales opportunities. The ALLNET 3000 product line from ALLNET has been very successful at selling easily implementable networking solutions (most notably WLAN -based) through specialized trade partners.
Speakers: Günther Ohland, Public Relations, Allnet GmbH + Specialized Trade Partner (to be named)

Trends and Developments

Enabling the Connected Home" - the role of partnerships and industry initiatives in creating the Connected Home.
The presentation will focus on developments in interactivity, interoperability and convergence, and how these have to be addressed by the industry.'
Speakers: Paul Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Business Unit Home, Philips Semiconductors

Mobile Multimedia - Wireless network technology for the usage of home -network data in the car or away from home
Speaker: Dr. Helmut Stein, Head of Initiative Mobile Multimedia, German TV -Plattform

A "Get Together" for all participants, speakers and guests is scheduled to immediately follow the lecture. The event is estimated to continue until approximately 7pm.

In order to participate in the course of lectures, an admission ticket to the IFA is required.

You can pre -register here. Your name tag will be ready for you on September 6, 2005.

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