iMuse once and for all defines the state-of-the-art in media server devices designed expressly for sale and installation by custom reseller-installers in the U.S.

iMuse Electronics Introduces Next Generation Audio/Video Media Server Series:
iMuse SIERRA™, iMuse SUMMIT™ and iMuse AVALANCHE™ Debut at CEDIA

(Colorado Springs CO) -iMuse Electronics, Inc. will debut its next generation series of media server products at the annual convention of Custom Electronics Dealers and Installers (CEDIA) on September 8 in Indianapolis.

Bill Duncan, iMuse CEO, said the introduction of three true media servers will once and for all end the debate as to what sets the standard for a full -featured device. Entering the marketplace this fall is the entry -level iMuse SIERRA™, the multi -zone capable iMuse SUMMIT™, and the mass storage behemoth iMuse AVALANCHE™ capable of holding up to 1,750 full -quality, full -length DVDs.

Redefining the Media Server Category

"The term 'media server' has become so confused that if you do a search you'll come up with over 64 million hits," said Duncan. "The fact is, there are less than a half -dozen fully capable audio/video products out there that are designed for home network integration."

Duncan's Colorado Springs, CO based -company has been working on developing the iMuse Media Server Series™ for the past two years. In 2004, the company showed a first generation audio server at CEDIA and the Consumer Electronics Show.

"The feedback we received at the two expos in 2004 gave us a mandate to come up with a server that was a completely converged digital content manager capable of delivering simultaneous audio and video feeds throughout a network," said Duncan.

The result was going back to the drawing board to once and for all define the state -of -the -art in media server devices designed expressly for sale and installation by custom reseller -installers in the U.S.

Key Features Define the Difference

According to iMuse Product Manager, R.Scott Fuhrman, there are several product and service differentiators that the iMuse media servers will offer over competitive products. Not the least is price, with the entry -level iMuse SIERRA™ expected to retail for just under $2,900.

"The iMuse media server series right from the start offers capabilities that none of the competing products are currently providing," assures Fuhrman. "Just to be credible in the category, each device must give maximum connectivity for audio, video and networking, and some of the com -petitors that show up along side the iMuse line just don't meet our standard," said Fuhrman.

A Hardware and Software Powerhouse is Standard
The Entry -Level iMuse SIERRA™

Fuhrman points out that even the entry -level iMuse SIERRA™ is a complete multi -media de -vice. "Every iMuse unit comes with a DVD drive, standard," notes Fuhrman, "only the more expensive competitive units offer that capability."

• The DVD feature enables the simultaneous uploading of the owner's DVD collection at the server and playback of separate DVDs at the set -top client (iMuse SIERRA™).

• The iMuse SIERRA™ can store up to 40 DVDs, countless audio CDs, and thousands of MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, WAV, and FLAC digital files.

• Fully integrated wireless LAN connectivity

• Every iMuse unit offers industry -leading connectivity. Each device in the series includes a Digital Video Interface (DVI) connection for the best qual -ity picture possible, as well as digital coax and optical audio outputs for su -perior sound. Composite S -Video and RCA audio outputs insure connec -tivity with analog devices.

• 1080p HD resolution support

• Live update capabilities

• 8 -in -1 media card drive for transferring files between cameras, digital play -ers, and PDAs

• For a complete list of features and how they compare to competitive prod -ucts, click here.

• View the iMuse Centralized Distributed Audio/Video Architecture diagram or the iMuse Networked Distributed Audio/Video Architecture diagram

• iMuse SIERRA Technical Specifications (

The iMuse SUMMIT™: The backbone of a powerful system

The iMuse SUMMIT™ is the backbone of the iMuse infrastructure. The product directs the flow of streaming digital content throughout the network. It has all of the capabilities of the iMuse SIERRA, plus support for independent multi -zone audio allowing for up to 16 simultaneous feeds.

iMuse SUMMIT™ Technical Specifications:

The iMuse AVALANCHE™: Mass Media Storage

As its name implies, the iMuse AVALANCHE™ provides mass storage for the iMuse Media Server Series, capable of storing 192 full -quality DVDs per unit with a maximum capacity cur -rently at 14 terabytes; it is possible to easily store up to 1,750 full -length DVDs. This is a key benefit for custom resellers who want to sell upgrade capacity.

iMuse AVALANCHE™ Technical Specifications

iMuse Service Commitment Will Match Its Formidable Capabilities

iMuse will launch its new media server series with a strong service commitment. iMuse warran -ties all of its products to be free from defects for 3 years. Additionally, the company will support the product with free updates for the life of the product.

Another key feature that will delight custom resellers and installers is the abilty for each iMuse device to be diagnosed remotely via LAN connection.

iMuse Expects to Deliver for the Holidays

According to iMuse CEO Bill Duncan, the first iMuse media servers are already in production and the company expects to have an in -stock inventory of between 50 and 100 units for immedi -ate shipment in the United States.

"When the marketplace becomes aware of the advantages of our products over the competition in terms of price -to -value ratio, we believe we will need all of the units we can physically pro -duce," Duncan predicted.

iMuse Electronics, Inc. is a Colorado Springs, CO developer and manufacturer of high -performance media servers for custom home audio and video systems. Each iMuse product is designed with robust features, true scalability and a modern easy -to -use interface. iMuse Elec -tronics can be reached by calling (800) 709 -5459, or visit the web site at


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