Black Diamond Video Ships 60 -meter DVI Copper

Black Diamond Video has the longest and best DVI and HDMI copper cable in the market today.

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Black Diamond Video Ships 60 -meter DVI Copper

Alameda, CA - July 28, 2005 - Black Diamond Video, the new leader in Digital Visual Interface (DVI) switching and cabling technologies, has begun shipping the longest copper DVI Cable available on the market today. The record breaking lengths are available in DVI Single Link (SL), Dual Link (DL) and DVI to HDMI cables from the manufacturer, its dealers and resellers. Supported by the Black Diamond Video DVI X -Treme, this comprehensive digital video cable solution allows video signals to pass distances over 60 meters at 1080p 60HZ, 1920x1200 or the higher 1600x1200 and even higher rates on the dual link cable solution. These solutions offer system integrators true performance and flexibility when designing digital display systems. These patent pending BDV DVI X -Treme solutions are guaranteed to drive 1080p over 60 meters or more over the Black Diamond Video copper cable.

Black Diamond Video promotes the highest quality and longest distance copper DVI and HDMI solutions on the market today. "We began shipping our record breaking copper cable solutions to support our innovative DVI X -Point Hybrid switch. As we found out, there is a lot of hype and other marketing misinformation out there concerning copper DVI, guaranteeing highest TMDS rates and going the distance without loss." said Ted Hoppe the Sales and Marketing VP for Black Diamond Video. "At InfoComm last month, Black Diamond Video demonstrated to the world that our products were driving pixel perfect 1080p 60Hz over 60 meters of copper cable. Unlike our competitors, our claims are based on hundreds of hours of testing and data analysis in our own labs and facilities. But often that is not enough; true tests come from comparing what 1080p graphic images and HD digital video driven over distance do on multiple displays and with various graphics cards. To build these solutions it requires not only education, expensive equipment, and years of know -how but cable artistry with superior craftsmanship to get such faultless results."

Black Diamond Video Certified cable offers several superior features:
• Longest copper DVI/DVI & DVI/HDMI cables on market today (60 -meter lengths)
• Support of 1080p 60Hz resolutions (Blue Ray ready)
• Support of 1600 x 1200, 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz plus meters
• Dual Link in excess of 2048 x 1536 x 60Hz
• Rugged workable construction
• Triple shielding for superior insulation

Black Diamond Video's DVI X -Treme solutions are available in wide range of pre -terminated lengths from 30 meters (100 ft) to 60 meters (192 ft.). The following solutions are available for immediate delivery:
• HDMI Male to DVI -D Male (Single -link) (30 -60meters)
• DVI -D Male to DVI -D Male (Single -link) (30 -60meters)
• DVI male to DVI Male (Dual -Link) (30 -60meters)

To get additional information, please go or call Black Diamond Video at 877 -549 6600. Black Diamond Video is currently looking for dealers and resellers to market this and other remarkable products. For marketing support materials, including high -resolution photos, please contact Ted Hoppe at (510) 7692959, x121 or

About Black Diamond Video
Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., Black Diamond Video, designs, develops and produces high -resolution video product solutions for a variety of applications demanding high -bandwidth capability, up to date functionality and elegant design. All product lines of products are manufactured and certified at the Black Diamond Video Alameda premises in the United States.


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