The innovative RCA Cell Docking System that enables users to make and receive cellular phone calls using a standard telephone anywhere in the home or office is now available at retailers nationwide from the Connectivity Business Unit of Thomson.

Indianapolis, July 12, 2005 - - The innovative RCA Cell Docking System that enables users to make and receive cellular phone calls using a standard telephone anywhere in the home or office is now available at retailers nationwide from the Connectivity Business Unit of Thomson. The docking system, RCA Model 23200RE3, is currently compatible with approximately 60 cell phones from three leading manufacturers. Additional cell phone models will be added later in the year. Consumers can easily confirm compatibility of their cell phones with the RCA Cell Docking System by visiting

Designed to allow consumers to easily use their cell phone on a home phone handset, setup and operation of the RCA Cell Docking System is simple. The docking system, which also functions as a stand -alone telephone, includes a docking base and a digital cordless handset with recharge base. The cell phone is connected to the docking system base with the included cables. For optimum performance, the docking base should be located in a room that receives the clearest cellular reception. The included digital cordless handset can be located anywhere in the home or office and connected to the existing telephone line. This phone provides the convenience and flexibility of placing and receiving calls using either the consumer"s home or cellular service.

The RCA Cell Docking System is a digital, expandable system that supports two additional handsets (purchased separately - RCA Model 23210RE3). The docking system also has the capability to link cellular and home calls together for a conference call.

"The RCA Cell Docking System is the perfect solution for the millions of Americans who rely heavily on a cellular phone to meet their communication needs," said Lisa Castor, Vice President of Residential Communications for Thomson. "This cutting -edge product is ideal for the cell phone user who wants the convenience of accessing their cellular service throughout their home or office, or for those consumers who want to rely solely on their cellular service." According to the report, "Cord -Cutting Reaches One In 20 Mobile Households," Forrester Research, Inc, May 2005, five percent of U.S. homes have "cut the cord" with landline service and operate with cellular phone service only.

Simple Set -Up and Specialized Customer Support on the Web

Thomson"s Connectivity business unit has taken several steps to ensure a positive consumer experience. Consumers can check the compatibility of their cell phones with the RCA Cell Docking System on A list of compatible cell phones is also included on the back of the product box. In addition, the set -up guide includes a chart that matches cellular phones with the included compatible connection cables.

A special section of serves as a one -stop resource for detailed product information and trouble -shooting. In addition to the list of compatible cell phones, a dealer locater on the website provides a complete listing of retailers that carry the RCA Cell Docking System. Consumers whose cellular phones are not yet compatible can register to receive email notification when an adapter cable for their phone becomes available. A toll free number - - 1 -800 -316 -0166 - - has been established to provide additional support.

Convenience Features

The RCA Cell Docking System offers numerous features for users. To identify whether a call is coming in on the home phone line or via cellular service, the user can assign any one of 20 different ring tones distinguishing between the two lines. Separate cellular and home phone buttons allow users to select between using cellular minutes or their home service. As an added convenience, the caller ID information from the cellular or home phone is automatically transferred and displayed on each digital system handset. A call timer tracks cellular minutes used while the cell phone is docked and the handset can be programmed to access cell phone voicemail with only the touch of a button.

Caller ID subscribers can further customize their RCA Cell Docking System with the VIP melody feature. This allows users to assign a specific melody to frequent callers for quick identification. When a VIP melody is assigned and that person calls, the docking system will ring with the assigned melody. There are 10 melodies to choose from and users may store up to 10 VIP callers.

Key handset features include a built -in speakerphone, 40 name and number caller ID log and 50 name and number memory dialing. The addition of a headset jack and a belt clip enables hands -free talking (headset RCA Model 23200RE3 is sold separately).

When multiple handsets are incorporated, several advanced features become available. These include handset -to -handset intercom, three -way calling between two handsets and an outside caller, and the ability to transfer calls from the home telephone line between handsets.

The suggested retail price of the RCA Cell Docking System is $149.99. Additional handsets can be purchased separately at a suggested retail price of $69.99. Headsets can be purchased separately at a suggested retail price of $129.99.


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