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CHICAGO -July is upon us again. Summer vacation is in full swing and families are traveling by plane, train and automobile to their preferred destination. Whether it's Disney World, Las Vegas or Grandma's, Dynamism has the perfect products lighten your luggage and compliment your travels.

First, you'll want something to capture all of your soon -to -be -made memories. Dynamism has the ideal solution -the Panasonic Lumix FX8 digital camera. One of the most exciting things about digital cameras is seeing how many features manufacturers can art -fully fit into increasingly smaller packages and the Lumix FX8 is no exception. This tiny 3.7" x 1.99" x 0.95" 5 -megapixel camera features optical image stabilization that measures hand movements 4,000 times a second, a 3x optical zoom, an integrated speaker, a 2.5" TFT screen and will easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Okay, digital cameras are great, but what about capturing the kids at their most spontaneous moments? If you're traveling light, carrying a camera and a camcorder is a real pain. Thankfully, Dynamism has just introduced the Sanyo Xacti C5. This easily portable, 0.32 -pound powerhouse is the ideal combination of a 5 -megapixel digital still camera and a digital camcorder. It records to an SD card, has a 2" flip -out TFT screen, 5x optical zoom and allows you to take 5 -megapixel still photos while in camcorder mode. Reduce your traveling bulk and still film the kids at their funniest with the Sanyo Xacti C5.

Summer vacation means that Mom and Dad get a break from the office. Of course, this often entails a lot of catch -up when they return to the office. Skip some of the vacation stress on your return by checking in to the office with the Sony VAIO U71. At only 1.2 pounds and 6.57 x 4.25 x 1.03 inches, you'll hardly notice the U71 in your bag. A fin -shaped stylus makes the full -functioning PC easy to navigate and use. You can even write directly on the screen with the fin -shaped stylus. Thanks to the bundled ritePen software, your handwriting will be converted into text, charts or graphs. Plus, with built -in Wi -Fi, the U71 offers easy Internet access anywhere it's available.

Does carrying a computer feel too much like a business trip? Check out the Sharp Zaurus SL -C3100. This PDA powerhouse is the first to feature a 4 GB hard drive in addition to 128 MB of flash memory, which means you can use it as a media player for on -the -go entertainment. This is screen you'll want to watch, too. The Zaurus has a razor sharp 3.7" screen with a built -in zoom feature that suffers no quality loss as you zoom in. It's perfect for the traveler looking to mix a little bit of business with a lot of entertainment.

So far the family vacation has been great. You've taken lots of pictures, filmed the kids in the pool and even gotten some work done. Now you're ready for the long journey home. Why not transfer all the photos and video you've been taking along the way? The Panasonic R4 only takes up 9 x 7.2 inches of space on your tray table and with its 9 -hour battery life you'll have an edited movie of your trip by the time you get off the plane. Additionally, the R4 comes in a variety of eye -catching colors including red, turquoise and classic silver.

Japanese Electronics
Whether they come from a Japanese maker like Sony or a U.S. maker like IBM, consumer electronics in Japan are the most innovative and advanced in the world. Products that would never come to market in the UK, because they're too niche -oriented or pricey, regularly appear on Japanese shelves. Dynamism.com makes these products available to consumers worldwide.

About Dynamism.com
Founded in 1997, Dynamism.com drives the most advanced consumer electronics technology from Japan and around the world to the U.S. market. The retailer couples next -generation products -ultralight performance notebooks, subnotebooks, slimtops, PDAs, phones, and other gadgets -with premium customer service, including lifetime toll -free tech support and 1 -year FedEx rescue service. For more information, please visit www.dynamism.com or call 1.800.711.6277.

Featured Product

VMP’s new ERVR Series of Vertical Equipment

VMP's new ERVR Series of Vertical Equipment

VMP's new ERVR Series of Vertical Equipment Racks are available in 1U, 2U, and 4U configurations, and are now shipping. For installation applications that lack the space for conventional floor or wall cabinets, such as in smaller security IT rooms and offices, this innovative compact solution provides plenty of versatility. The series accommodates rack equipment of any depth; equipment can be wall mounted vertically or under a desk horizontally; standard 10-32 threading; fold out design reduces packaging and shipping; steel construction; load capacity - 150 lbs.; black finish; ER-VR4U: 4U; ER-VR2U: 2U; ER-VR1U: 1U The versatile ERVR series gives you a flexible, reliable and affordable solution for all of your limited space installations requiring up to a 150 lb. weight capacity. Simple in design but rugged in construction, it's tough enough for even your most challenging applications.