TTE Ready for Digital TV Deadline

TTE reaffirms commitment to deliver full array digital TVs to meet FCC deadline requiring all TVs 36` larger to include ATSC/HD tuner. TTE offers 20 RCA HDTV models with integrated tuners w/14 new models w/ATSC tuners shipping to retailers July.


14 New Models to Join Catalog of 20 Integrated Digital Television Sets

Indianapolis, June 29, 2005 - - In advance of the July 1 F.C.C. digital deadline mandating that all televisions 36 -inches and larger incorporate an ATSC high definition tuner, TTE Corporation today reaffirmed its commitment to deliver a full array of digital television sets to meet the digital deadline.

TTE currently offers 20 RCA HDTV models with integrated tuners with prices starting below $1,100. The current range of integrated HDTV Sets includes projection TV models with Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing½ technology that deliver remarkable picture performance in lightweight designs and space saving cabinets. In addition to the integrated ATSC digital tuner/decoder for reception of over -the -air HDTV broadcasts, all the DLP½ sets incorporate Digital Cable Ready circuitry that enables reception of cable HDTV programming with operator -supplied CableCARD½.

An additional 14 models with ATSC digital tuners will begin shipping to retailers next month.

½For the past 18 months, TTE has been transitioning its 36 -inch and larger HDTV product line to comply with this mandate,½ said Greg Bosler, Executive Vice President, TTE. ½We have spent millions of dollars in research and development to complete the transition from analog to digital television and will offer an even broader array of HDTV Sets for retailers beginning in July,½ he added.

Recognizing that high prices have been a deterrent for many consumers, TTE is taking a leadership role in delivering affordable digital TV with the introductions, later this year, of Standard Definition Digital Televisions (SDTV) starting under $300. The SDTV models, in
27 - and 32 -inch screen sizes, feature a built -in over -the -air tuner/decoder for digital TV broadcasts, and will receive and display any of the 18 different over -the -air digital TV formats. Digital reception capability enhances the picture and provides DVD viewing quality for terrestrial over -the -air broadcasts.

½SDTV offers a truly affordable introduction to digital technology for the consumer. It½s the ideal technology for small -screen digital TVs at a very attractive price point,½ Bosler added. ½But price isn½t enough. We need to make sure the customer understands this new technology so they can make an informed purchase decision.½

To help consumers navigate the confusing maze of digital technology, TTE has partnered with Wiley Publishing, which produces the ½For Dummies½ series of ½how -to½ publications, to develop information designed to unravel the mysteries surrounding digital technology. In addition, both and will provide consumers with information on digital television technology.

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About TTE Corporation
TTE Corporation, a joint venture between TCL and Thomson, is a leading global television enterprise. Established in July 2004, TTE specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of television products. TTE offers a complete range of television products ½ from budget to premium, from basic features to high -end innovation, from analog to digital technology. TTE employs a highly -skilled workforce of over 29,000 personnel in five profit centers, five R&D centers and ten manufacturing plants around the world.

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