DisplaySearch HDTV Conference Attracts Top TV Brands and Industry Leaders to Address Future of TV

Nine Leading TV Brands to Keynote/Speak at Televised Event

AUSTIN, TEXAS, June 22, 2005 - -DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in flat panel display (FPD) market research and consulting, is proud to announce that it has brought the world`s largest TV brands together for its 3rd annual HDTV event, the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2005. This year`s event, to be held at the newly renovated Beverly Hills Hilton on August 23 and 24, will address the future outlook for HDTV content, HDTV content distribution, the TV market, TV technology, TV resolutions, different TV sales channels and TV electronics.

Representatives from HP, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Syntax will be participating as keynotes, invited speakers and panelists at this year`s event. These nine brands represent six of the top seven North American brands in terms of total TV revenues. Sony is #1 with Samsung, Panasonic and Mitsubishi rounding out the top 4 and Sharp and LGE at #6 and #7.1 These companies will address the outlook for different TV technologies of which they are the dominant players, as they represent the:

Top 6 LCD TV brands on a revenue basis in North America for Q1`05 - Sharp, Samsung, Sony, LGE, Syntax and Panasonic.

Top 5 PDP TV brands on a revenue basis in North America for Q1`05 ½ Panasonic, LGE, Sony, Pioneer and Samsung.

Top 4 microdisplay RPTV brands on a revenue basis in North America for Q1`05 ½ Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Mitsubishi.

This year`s event will include many outstanding keynote speakers:

Day 1 Session 1: Expanding Current and Next Generation HD (1080p) Content

Mark Cuban, Co -founder and President of HDNet. Mr. Cuban, who was last year`s highest rated speaker, is expected to address HDNet`s plans to continue to deliver the highest quality HD content. He is also expected to make recommendations on how the 1080p transition can be accelerated. Mr. Cuban delivered on last year`s promise to provide simultaneous distribution of HDNet -funded movies in theaters and on his 24 -hour HD movie channel ½ HDNet Movies. In addition, his suggestions for TVs with integrated hard drives or removable storage are now coming to market.

Day 2 Session 5: Keynote Session - -TV Brands` HD/TV Market Outlook

Jeff Cove, Vice President, Technology and Alliances, Panasonic. Mr. Cove will discuss Panasonic`s outlook for the TV and HDTV market, with particular emphasis on the outlook for PDP TVs.

Jim Sanduski, Vice President of Marketing, Visual Display Products Group, Samsung Electronics. Mr. Sanduski, who oversees their DLP projection, direct view, plasma and LCD TV products, will discuss how Samsung intends to position its various digital TV technologies as HD demand grows and prices fall. He is also expected to address their outlook for 1080p demand.

Greg Gudorf, Vice President of Marketing, Home Products Division, Sony. Mr. Gudorf is responsible for the promotion and product management of Sony`s flat panel, direct view CRT, Grand WEGA, Location Free and SXRD televisions. Mr. Gudorf will discuss Sony`s plans for maintaining the #1 position in the market as TV demand shifts from analog to digital, standard definition to high definition and tube to flat panel/microdisplay rear projection.

In addition to the keynote sessions listed above, leading TV brands, panel suppliers, imager suppliers and DisplaySearch analysts will also participate in sessions dedicated to the technologies expected to benefit the most from the HD transition.

Session 6: LCD TVs: When Will They Take Over?

Ross Young, President and CEO, DisplaySearch
Bruce Tripido, Director, Product Marketing, Sharp
James Li, President, Syntax Groups
TBA, Samsung LCD Business
TBD, LG.Philips LCD

Session 7: PDP TVs: Will They Dominate the 40` -50` Market?

David Naranjo, Vice President of TV Market Research, DisplaySearch
Tim Alessi, Director of Product Development, LGE
Paul Meyhoeffer, Director of Product Planning for Plasma Displays, Pioneer
Chris Kim, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Samsung SDI

Session 8: Rear Projection TVs: Can Rapid Growth Be Sustained?

Ross Young, President and CEO, DisplaySearch
Max Wasinger, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
Jan -Luc Blakborn, North America Digital Entertainment Category Manager, HP
John Reder, Tabletop Television Business Unit, DLPTM Home Entertainment, Texas Instruments

A full agenda can be found at: www.displaysearch.com/hdtvconference.

Of particular interest to sponsors, this year`s event will be broadcast on HDNet in the fall, representing an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors and speakers to get their message across to early adopters and market influencers.

Sponsors of the event include

Platinum: Samsung LCD Business
Gold: Analog Devices, Gennum, Syntax Groups and Zoran
Silver: Delta Electronics
Bronze: Silicon Optix
Media: CustomRetailer, Dealerscope, HDTV Magazine, HighDef Magazine, Home Theater Magazine, HomeToys, Stereophile, Ultimate AV and Widescreen Review

The DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2005 will bring together the entire HDTV food chain including TV and cable networks, satellite and cable companies, set -top box manufacturers, retailers, TV brands and OEMs, TV panel and imager suppliers and display electronics producers.

The two -day event will take place at The Beverly Hilton, home to the legendary Golden Globes Awards. With a recent $60 million renovation, the famous hotel boasts a plasma TV, LCD TV and high -speed internet access in each room. The special conference room rate is $175/night for a limited time and may be reserved by calling the hotel directly at 310 -274 -7777.

For more information about registration or sponsorship, please contact Kendra Smith at kendra@displaysearch.com, 512 -459 -3126 x107 or visiting www.displaysearch.com/hdtvconference.

About DisplaySearch

DisplaySearch has a core team of 20 analysts located in North America and Asia who produce a valued suite of market forecasts, technology assessments, surveys, studies and analyses, and they organize influential industry events worldwide. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, DisplaySearch has regional operations in Chicago, Hong Kong, Houston, Kyoto, Shenzhen, San Diego, San Jose, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo, and the company is on the web at www.displaysearch.com.

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