Lightolier® Controls Is Proud To Announce LYTESCENE™ TOUCH SCREEN MASTER STATION

LYTEmode ™ Master Controls System Now Available

Dallas, TX - June 2, 2005 - Lightolier® Controls, a Genlyte Company, is proud to announce the LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station. LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Stations are now available for specification and sales support through Lightolier® and Lightolier® Controls Sales Representatives, and will be available for shipment on June 15, 2005.

Through a colorful, graphical interface, the innovative LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station captures and simulates the control panel functions of any selected LYTEmode™ Network Master Station or Remote in real time. With only a few simple touches of the screen, adjustments can be made to any individual channel or "scene" presets in any room in the system. LyteScene™ Master Stations are conveniently compatible with both Lightolier® Controls' Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Dimming Cabinets, as well as Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Dimming Panels. While the LyteScene™ Master Station is capable of displaying and changing the setting of any control station in the system, all programming memory and functionality remains distributed so that the system does not rely on any single component for full operation.

"Our LyteScene™ Master Station takes Architectural Lighting Control to a whole new level," said Gary Meshberg, Lightolier® Controls Director of Marketing. "After listening to our customers who asked for a higher level of control and control flexibility, we have taken the best features of our controls products and added new features, while incorporating them into an intuitive and attractive full color touch screen."

The LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station also offers an optional Astronomical Time Clock. This component allows a substantial number of lighting adjustments to coincide with specific days, times, sunrises, or sunsets. This setup feature provides the user with the ability to adjust the clock by longitude and latitude, or by city and state; all designed to provide accurate forecasting of the days and nights in order to compensate for natural outdoor lighting changes as they occur.

"Our goal is to provide system performance and design efficiency," Meshberg continued, "so we remained true to our LYTEmode™ Architectural Lighting Control System philosophy and incorporated LyteScene™ into the system design without any special wiring. This unique system is ideal for use in Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms, Conference Centers, and Custom Homes."

Other distinctive features of the LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station include: standard operational Lytemode™ system software, a 6.4 inch TFT VGA color touch screen (640 x 480 resolution), a high performance backlight, optional custom background logos, standard LYTEmode™ wiring for connection to the LYTEmode™ System network, upgradeable software via a USB port, low power consumption, fanless operation, and an IP65 rated front bezel.

The LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, CE marked, and complies with the Federal Communications Commission.

On the cutting edge of lighting controls technology, Lightolier® Controls is confident that the LyteScene™ Touch Screen Master Station is the perfect compliment to the already successful Lytemode™ product line, giving consumers an even greater ability to easily control and set the perfect lighting environment.

For more than 20 years, Lightolier Controls has provided quality, innovative lighting controls and a full range of advanced lighting control systems for commercial operations and residential properties. Through continuing technological advancements, Lightolier Controls has revolutionized the way lighting controls and systems are both designed and installed creating unparalleled excellence in the industry today. The Dallas -based company is a division of Genlyte Group, LLC NASDAQ symbol - GLYT); partnered with Vari -Lite and Entertainment Technology. For more information, visit

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