MartinLogan® Summit™ Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Now Shipping!

Innovative New Floorstanding Loudspeaker Incorporates Advanced Technologies and Establishes New Standards for Efficiency, Dynamics and Precision

Available: Now shipping!

US Retail: $9,995

Lawrence, Kansas, June, 2005 - MartinLogan, the Loudspeaker Technology Company, is now shipping the Summit™ loudspeaker -an unprecedented new direction for high -end audiophile loudspeaker design. Resulting from years of research, the new Summit™ powered hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker features advanced technological developments, dramatically reducing cabinet size and establishing new standards for efficiency, dynamics and precision in a floor -standing loudspeaker.

"The audio world is dynamic, and we are designing innovative products that reflect the evolving needs and desires of our customers," stated David Allen, Director of Product Development for MartinLogan. "When designing the Summit, we began with a commitment to our customer's desire to possess truly exquisite audio solutions that embody undeniable sonic excellence in irresistible aesthetic forms. Through constant focus on emerging market indicators, our designers and engineers evolved core technologies into a solution that elevates the overall sensory experience," Allen explained. "After all, if one sensory element is out of balance or neglected, the entire experience is diminished."

Summit's™ Features Include:

XStat™ Electrostatic Transducer featuring:
-Ultra -Rigid AirFrame™ Technology
-Advanced Vacuum Bonding
-MicroPerf Stators

ClearSpar™ technology

CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source)

High -Resolution PoweredForce™ Woofers

25 & 50 Hz Level Controls

Proprietary Vojtko™ Crossover Filtering

Housed within a radical, ultra -rigid, billet and extruded aluminum AirFrame™, the Summit's™ new CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) XStat™ transducer builds upon the legacy of MartinLogan's electrostatic heritage with the incorporation of advanced Vacuum Bonding and MicroPerf technology to provide heightened efficiency and precision.

MicroPerf stator technology, featured in the Summit™ XStat™ transducer, reveals more open playable area in each panel resulting in unparalleled performance from extremely compact stat panels. The Summit™ loudspeaker boasts an XStat™ electrostatic transducer with a playable area equal to that of a traditional electrostatic transducer nearly twice its size.

Further enhancing efficiency and dynamics as well as MartinLogan's trademark transparency, rigid ClearSpars™ spacers, originally engineered for the cost -no -object Statement™ e2, allow XStat™ transducers to maintain an extremely uniform tension of the diaphragm during critical panel construction processes, permitting critical stator and diaphragm spacing within an exact tolerance.

"Relative to its size, the Summit™, with over one horsepower of amplification (800 watts per pair), has exceptionally deep and accurate bass," notes Joe Vojtko, MartinLogan's Lead Engineer. Summit's™ innovative PoweredForce™ topology integrates two high -resolution, aluminum cone 10 -inch woofers per channel -each independently powered by a dedicated 200 -watt low -distortion amplifier. Summit's™ front firing woofer is precision aligned and crossed over to seamlessly blend with the XStat™ transducer. Additionally, low -frequency equalization capabilities, integrated into advanced PoweredForce™ technology, allow precision calibration for optimal room integration.

With an proprietary advanced Vojtko™ crossover topology derived form the Statement™ e2 loudspeaker, Summit's™ high and low -pass crossovers blend point -to -point wiring, audiophile -grade polypropylene capacitors, toroidal transformers, and air -core coils to deliver spectacular levels of transparency, linearity and integration.

Available in a variety of standard hand rubbed wood and aluminum finishes, Summit™ can also be personalized and customized to fit any decor.


Frequency Response:
24 -23,000 Hz ± 3db

92 dB/2.83 volts/meter

Nominal Impedance:
4 ohms

Minimum Impedance:
0.7 ohms @ 20 kHz

Crossover Frequency:
270 Hz

Custom -wound audio transformer, air core coils, polypropylene capacitors

Woofer Type:
Two x 10" (25.4 cm) (per channel) cast basket, high excursion, aluminum cone with extended throw driver assembly, non -resonant
chamber format

Woofer Amp Power:
2 x 200 watts/channel (4 ohms)

Bass Controls:
±10dB at 25Hz & 50Hz

Other Controls:
Light intensity dimmer control

Power Handling:
100 -300 watts per channel

Signal Inputs:
Custom bi -wire binding posts

Idle Mains Power Draw:
20W each

Max Mains Power Draw:
350W each

75 lbs. each (34 kg)

12.5" w × 20.5" d × 59" h (32 w × 52 d × 150 h cm)


Feature: Ultra -Rigid AirFrame™ Technology
Benefit: Provides a rigid housing for the advanced XStat™ transducer

Feature: Advanced Vacuum Bonding
Benefit: Provides improved precision and efficiency, and unparalleled uniformity

Feature: CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source)
Benefit: Achieves a controlled horizontal dispersion pattern radiating ideal frequency response throughout the living environment yet at the same time dramatically minimizing acoustically destructive room interactions

Feature: MicroPerf Stators
Benefit: Creates unparalleled performance from an extremely compact electrostatic transducer by maximizing playable area

Feature: ClearSpar™ Spacers
Benefit: Maximizes efficiency and dynamics while enhancing MartinLogan's exclusive transparent look

Feature: PoweredForce™ Woofer Technology
Benefit: Supplies immense bass dynamics and precision beyond the reach of traditional passive box systems

Feature: 25 & 50 Hz Level Controls
Benefit: Allows precision calibration for optimal room integration

Feature: Proprietary Vojtko™ Crossover Filtering
Benefit: Flawlessly preserves microacoustic subtleties while handling a broad range of dynamics contained within even the most demanding sonic source

MartinLogan, one of the most respected names in audio, is located in Lawrence, Kansas, where 80 employees handcraft the company's ultimate loudspeaker products. The speaker systems, incorporating MartinLogan's patented CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) high -resolution electrostatic technology and ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) transducers, range in price from $649 to $120,000 (US Retail). The subwoofer systems range in price from $599 to $2795. For more information regarding MartinLogan visit, or contact Devin Zell at (785) 749 -0133.

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