North American Cable Equipment, Inc. Announces Innovative RG -59 Video Cable with 2 Conductor Wire Ca

The RG59U-18/2-RL is perfect for security camera installations that require an RG-59 video cable with a solid copper center conductor and a solid copper braid.

April 20, 2005 - West Chester, PA - North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) announced today the introduction of an innovative and price competitive RG -59 cable tailored to the needs of the security industry. NACE's RG59U -18/2 -RL is a RG -59 solid copper coaxial cable with an 18 gauge 2 -conductor wire attached. The RG59U -18/2 -RL is perfect for security camera installations that require an RG -59 video cable with a solid copper center conductor and a solid copper braid. The attached 18 gauge, 2 conductor wire allows the installer to provide voltage necessary to power the camera without running a separate line.

Product specifications include a solid copper center conductor with no joints in the finished product; gas injected polyethylene with closed cell dielectric bonded to the center conductor; solid copper 95% braid outer conductor; and a PVC jacket that is CMX listed, UL listed and UV stable and evaluated under a 720 hour sunlight resistance test. The attached 2 conductor wire is 18 gauge stranded copper. The RG59U -18/2 -RL is available in white or black.

According to Aaron Starr, NACE founder and President, "The RG59U -18/2 -RL is a product that provides multiple savings to security system installers. First, NACE pricing is highly competitive with traditional cable and wiring suppliers to the security industry. Second, the design of this cable allows installers to connect and power security cameras without the incremental hardware costs associated with purchasing 2 conductor wire. Third, the time and effort of completing an installation is significantly reduced providing tangible benefits to contractor and customer alike. The RG59U -18/2 -RL represents compelling value to the security industry."
NACE is currently offering dealers the RG59U -18/2 -R on a 1000' spool for $129.00.

North American Cable Equipment, Inc. founded in 1992 with headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania and sales and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada is a leading supplier of electronics, cable, and installation materials to the communications and security industries.

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