SingleClick Systems Releases HomeNet Manager 2.0

HomeNet Manager 2.0 Allows Users to Easily Configure and Manage Their Home Networks and Share Digital Files with Friends and Family

Toms River, NJ (May 25, 2005) - SingleClick Systems, a provider of Windows® -based consumer and small and home office (SOHO) networking software utilities, today released HomeNet Manager 2.0. The new HomeNet Manager is designed to help customers configure, manage and troubleshoot their home and small office networks, and it includes new features to help share digital content such as photos and music instantly with friends, family and colleagues.

HomeNet Manager 2.0 offers enhanced features that troubleshoot network problems, help users get back up -and -running when errors occur, automate file and printer sharing, and simplify home network configuration and management.

A key capability of the new HomeNet Manager 2.0 is Digital Share Live, an integrated file sharing service that allows users to instantly share content stored on their home or small office networks (and attached devices) with friends, family and colleagues. To share files using HomeNet Manager's Digital Share Live, users only need to create an account and invite participants to join their network via a built -in invitation tool in HomeNet Manager. Once an account is created, and invitations have been sent, users have one -click access to the Digital Share Live network from within HomeNet Manager 2.0, and can start sharing digital content immediately. Users are also able to drag and drop any content within their home or small office network directly to the Digital Share Live network through the HomeNet Manager interface.

"We are hearing from customers that they are seeking a solution that makes it just as easy to share files and digital content with remote groups - including friends, family and colleagues - as it is to share content among PCs in their home," said Scot Zarkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer of SingleClick Systems. "With Digital Share Live, customers are able to do exactly this, thus vastly extending the value of their home and small office networks and side -stepping expensive or bandwidth -limited online file sharing services and complicated peer -to -peer applications that allow everyone to see the content you have shared on the network."

Digital Share Live makes instant file sharing easy for all users. It works seamlessly through Firewalls, requires no PC or home router configuration, and works anywhere users take their computers and have Internet access. Since Digital Share Live is a trusted file sharing network, users can be assured that their content is only available to those they have invited.

HomeNet Manager 2.0 also includes a new Digital Camera Wizard that allows users to manage their digital photos. Once they plug the camera into their PCs, users' digital photos automatically appear as thumbnail images within the application. They can then use the wizard to instantly view full -size images, print images, move their digital photos to other networked devices or publish them directly to their Digital Share Live network.

With the new "My Digital Home" feature in HomeNet Manager 2.0, users can create a virtual 3 -dimensional representation of their home or small office. They can assign rooms to their "Digital Home" and drag and drop the elements detected in their network - such as printers and routers - to appropriate rooms. This allows users to better visualize the physical construction of their home or small office network in order to resolve cabling and connectivity related problems.

"HomeNet Manager 2.0 provides users with unparalleled power in managing their home or small office network and provides an attractive alternative to expensive and inconvenient in - home and add -on home networking services and products currently being offered by retailers and service providers," explained Mr. Zarkiewicz.

HomeNet Manager 2.0 essentially operates as a supplemental network operating system that sits on top of Windows® 2000 and XP, allowing customers to keep their network settings, including previously shared files and devices. Additionally, users can drag and drop files from applications such as Microsoft Word® and Windows Explorer®, directly into the shared folders within HomeNet Manager where they will be automatically shared on the Digital Share Live network.

Pricing and Availability
HomeNet Manager 2.0 is available today for electronic download at and through official e -commerce partners. The suggested retail price is $39.95, and multi -unit and distributor pricing is available. For more information, please visit

Digital Share Live Network Pricing: $9.99 for one month, $24.99 for three months, $39.99 for six months, and $59.99 for one year. Users can opt to host their Digital Share Live network free on their computers. The only limitation to this option is customers' computers must be turned on and HomeNet Manager 2.0 must be running in order for friends and family to access their shared content. With the purchase option, shared content remains available at all times.

About SingleClick Systems
Based in Toms River, NJ, SingleClick Systems is a leading provider of consumer and small and home office (SOHO) networking software. With SingleClick Systems products, customers can enjoy all the benefits of wireless and home/small office networking and The Digital Home without all the hassles. Consumers, SOHO customers, equipment vendors, integrators and service providers can all benefit from SingleClick Systems' solutions. For more information, visit SingleClick Systems at

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