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M&S Systems' award winning XDM4600KIT and DMC3-4 will make their debut at CEDIA 2005, Booth #1428. The XDM4600KIT is a digital audio distribution system and the DMC3-4 is a retrofit music/communication system.

May 25, 2005 - M&S Systems' XDM4600KIT is an expandable integrated 4 -zone 6 -source digital audio distribution system offering music as well as home communication functions from each zone and the front door. And, the XDM now offers a privacy feature from the keypad, which gives homeowners the option of choosing to prevent monitoring of any room possessing a room station. This M&S line provides an affordable solution and delivers incredible listening power at 30 watts a channel.

The XDM4600KIT consists of four zones and six sources that connect to a single router box. Each zone contains a class -D amplifier and other circuitry to drive one pair of 8 -ohm speakers as well as a local source. Each zone also has a microphone for paging and listening, allowing the system to incorporate intercom communications along with the distribution of the audio. The front door chime mutes any music that is playing so the chime can be heard over the speakers in each zone. Can't get to the front door? Press the talk button on your keypad and speak to the front door from any room in the house using the integrated intercom function. Each zone is powered from the centralized router box, requiring only one power cable to go from a house outlet to the system. An infrared repeater built into the system allows the audio source equipment to be controlled from the zones with a universal remote. The router box has six analog audio inputs for sourcing music to the system, and communication between the router box and the zones is digital.
The DMC3 -4 system is easy to install and uses existing home wiring. This new retrofit music/communication system is designed to replace most 3 and 4 wire intercom system, without running new wires or having to repair drywall. The DMC3 -4 master intercom is a full 30 percent smaller than the previous model and uses specially designed finish -out frames to fill the holes left by the replaced systems, virtually eliminating the need for drywall repair. The small size and elegant style combine to make the DMC3 -4 intercom technology less obtrusive than existing models.
The new DMC3 -4 offers every feature that the existing intercom system provided and a lot more. It's what's inside the intercom that will excite homeowners, dealers and installers. The DMC3 -4 has an upgrade path to make it a stereo distributed audio system. Simply by adding an MC960PA power amplifier, your intercom can become a stereo music source, delivering stereo quality music from the radio or CD player to any room in the home. This feature may require running wire in homes that are not already wired for stereo music. The DMC3 -4 also offers distinct advantages to dealers and installers. For example, the DMC3 -4 is designed to provide you with a retrofit product that will run on existing 3 and 4 conductor flat wire applications. This includes existing M&S System and NuTone intercom installations.
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, M&S Systems has led the industry for over 50 -years, offering integrated home technology systems that use style and value enriching enjoyment of the home. Its diverse line of products includes home communication systems, home theater surround systems, structured wiring, and central vacuums. M&S products are distributed internationally, throughout the United States, Australia, Mexico, Central America and Canada.

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