silex SX-2000U2 USB Device Server Provides Shared Network Functionality for Almost Any USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Devices

SALT LAKE CITY, May 17, 2005 -silex technology america, Inc., a leading provider of wired and wireless network connectivity technology, today announced the availability of the SX -2000U2, a new device server designed to connect Hi -Speed USB 2.0 compatible devices such as desktop scanners and storage devices to a Local Area Network.

Workgroups, home networks, and small branch offices benefit from the convenience and freedom of sharing what are usually one -user USB devices with co -workers over an existing network. The SX -2000U2 is the industry's first one port USB 2.0 Hi -Speed device server that is ideal for use with almost any USB device such as scanners, multi -function printers, storage devices, printers, and other USB -enabled products.

"Most of the USB devices in the marketplace today now have USB 2.0 Hi -Speed connectivity but it is still rare that you can take advantage of the USB Hi -Speed feature when networking such devices," said Keith Sugawara, silex vice president of networking division. "We see a rapidly -increasing demand for reliable, cost -effective and easy -to -use networking solutions for USB devices involving scanning and storage. This is similar in scope to the way printers became a networked peripheral in the 1990s."

John Capurso, vice president of enterprise marketing of Visioneer said, "The business opportunities for network scanning applications are increasing. We are seeing a shift from a centralized usage of scanners to a distributed workgroup model. Combined, the Visioneer Documate 262 and the SX -2000U2 is an affordable solution to enable network -attached workgroup scanning."

Sugawara added, "This is a timely solution because a number of new US legislative acts including the Sarbanes -Oxley Act and HIPAA now require business and privacy related records to be saved, stored, and secured electronically. The SX -2000U2 helps to build a flexible and affordable infrastructure for compliance; meantime it simply allows users to save time, money and other resources by sharing a scanner over the network."

The SX -2000U2 also comes with a smart utility "SX Virtual Link" which allows users to easily connect and manage all of the networked USB devices in one window over the network. When the device is connected to a PC through the SX -2000U2, the Hi -Speed USB device acts as if it were connected directly to the PC through a USB cable.

SX -2000U2 -The SX -2000U2 is a one -port, 10/100 Base -TX USB 2.0 device server designed to connect Hi -Speed USB devices directly to a network.
* Instantly convert USB 2.0 Hi -Speed devices to a shared network resource
* SX Virtual Link, a USB utility allows the PC to virtually recognize the peripheral as if it were directly attached It allows all computer users on the network to share USB 2.0 Hi -Speed devices such as scanners, multi -function printers, storage devices, printers, and other USB -enabled products
* Compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 2000
* Web based device management
* Enhanced security IP filtering
* MSRP of $149


The SX -2000U2 is available immediately through all silex resellers nationwide.
Note: silex product photos and spec sheets are available upon request. A link to the press release can be found at:

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