Click Here: Passwords are at Your Fingertips with APC's New Biometric Mouse Password Manager

A Simple and Secure Biometric Solution to Remember Passwords

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. - May 9, 2005 - American Power Conversion (Nasdaq: APCC) (APC) today announced the APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager, an optical mouse with a personal fingerprint scanner that makes it easy for PC and laptop users to manage their passwords. Based on the leading radio frequency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology, the solution allows a user to biometrically secure and log on to their PC or notebook as well as eliminate the need to memorize passwords.

"With the proliferation of online transactions like banking, stock trading, email, shopping, and credit card accounts there is an ever increasing need for data protection," said Joe Loberti, general manager, APC Consumer Network Solutions Group. "To protect themselves, Internet users should have secure passwords that include a combination of several numbers and letters. However, having several different passwords makes it tougher to remember them all. Many individuals write down their passwords on pieces of paper that could be lost or viewed by unwanted users. APC's line of various biometric solutions solves this problem. The Biometric Mouse Password Manager gives users a convenient way to access their online accounts as well as provides a level of security that only fingerprint sensor technology offers."

The APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager permits up to twenty different fingerprints or twenty different users to store passwords on a single computer system. Each user enrolls using a finger as their identification source. The Biometric Mouse Password Manager's sleek innovative design allows for stable placement and accurate fingerprint verification. It comes equipped with a 6 -foot USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable, easy -to -use software that is compatible with Windows (XP, XP SP2, and 2000) operating systems. The software stores an unlimited number of login names and passwords. It provides one touch file or folder encryption with five different encryption algorithms. When using with Windows XP and XP SP2, the APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager allows for fast user switching. With the touch of a finger, the shared laptop or PC recognizes each user's personal configurations and passwords.

Using AuthenTec's patented TruePrint® technology, the APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager scans fingerprints below the surface of the skin to the live layer or true fingerprint. TruePrint is unaffected by common skin surface conditions including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin that can affect other sensors' ability to acquire accurate fingerprint images for user authentication purposes. TruePrint is the only fingerprint sensor technology capable of acquiring fingerprints under virtually any condition.

APC's new Biometric Mouse Password Manager is currently available in North America and carries an estimated resale price of $59.99.

For more information about APC and its other innovative desktop and laptop solutions, please call 800 -877 -4080 or visit APC's Web site at

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Founded in 1981, American Power Conversion is a leading provider of global, end -to -end solutions for real -time infrastructure. APC's comprehensive products and services for home and corporate environments improve the availability, manageability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes. Headquartered in West Kingston, Rhode Island, APC reported sales of $1.7 billion for the year ended December 31, 2004, and is a Fortune 1000, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 Company. All trademarks are the property of their owners.

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