The RT-20 supports CD (including CD-R/RW, Video CD, SVCD and MP3), DVD (including DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and DVD-R/RW) and SACD (stereo and multi-channel) as well as JPEG.

Lexicon, Inc., a Harman International company (NYSE: HAR), has announced it is shipping the new RT -20, a reference -quality universal disc transport designed to play virtually any of the 5" optical media discs available today. The RT -20 supports CD (including CD -R/RW, Video CD, SVCD and MP3), DVD (including DVD -Video, DVD -Audio and DVD -R/RW) and SACD (stereo and multi -channel) as well as JPEG. Combining leading -edge audio and video technology, impressive analog circuitry and an ample array of rear panel connectors, the new RT -20 is right at home in the finest music and cinema playback systems. The introduction of the RT -20 further underscores Lexicon's ongoing commitment to the high -end home theater and custom install markets.

Designed to match the innovative industrial design of Lexicon's award winning home theater products, the RT -20 is the perfect source component to complement the most sophisticated home theater systems. Featuring a High -Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), this allows the unit direct digital video connection to a display device. In addition, the RT -20 has serial
RS -232C remote capabilities, which allows it to be controlled by products from industry leaders such as Crestron™ and AMX™.

The front panel of the RT -20 is crafted from a 1/2" thick piece of solid aluminum, which is carefully machined and finished to create the unique look of Lexicon's home theater line. The uncluttered front panel is user friendly and provides basic controls and the signature blue display. The top and sides are covered by a single piece of aluminum that wraps around the sides to the bottom of the unit and is coupled to the chassis with flush mounted machine screws. The result is an extremely clean appearance that elegantly combines form and function. For home theater systems utilizing an equipment rack, an optional rack -mounting kit is available.

Video Playback
With its legendary reputation in digital audio for over three decades, Lexicon has gone to great lengths to ensure the video performance of the RT -20 befits a reference quality product. For the best possible performance, an HDMI output offers digital video with available up -conversion to 720p or 1080i. For analog video output, the RT -20 features 14 -bit/216 MHz digital -to -analog converters, progressive scan component video output, and BNC -style component video output connectors. The video digital -to -analog converters ensure the pristine digital video image does not degrade during the conversion to analog. The RT -20 automatically converts the frame rate of film sources, which are recorded at 24 frames per second, to 60 frames per second for improved picture quality. Progressive scan component video output (BNC or RCA) converts interlaced video signals into progressive video signals, which doubles the amount of video information being sent to a compatible display device. The result is a more stable, "flicker -free" image with fewer video artifacts. Comprehensive video adjustments complement exceptional video performance, allowing the RT -20 to be fine -tuned for any type of display device.

Audio Playback
The RT -20 features three S/PDIF digital audio outputs: one AES/EBU, one coaxial (RCA) and one optical (Toslink) connector, allowing for external decoding and processing of Dolby® Digital, dts and PCM sources. The RT -20 also has built -in 24 -bit/192 kHz digital -to -analog converters for all analog output channels to enable high -bandwidth formats, such as DVD -A and SACD, to be enjoyed in full resolution without any reduction in the sampling rate or digital word length. The result is pristine, high -quality audio from any disc.

Easy to Use & Flexible
For optimal performance, the RT -20 is equipped with an extensive array of controls and adjustments. For easy set -up, the RT -20 includes an intuitive, graphical user interface with color onscreen display providing convenient access to menus. The addition of serial RS -232C remote capabilities further enhances the unit's capabilities. The RT -20 features a trigger input, allowing it to be powered on and off by Lexicon's MC -series digital controllers or RV -8 receiver. The back panel also features an IR input, for easy integration into an IR -based control system without the need to attach an IR repeater to the front panel.

Lexicon RT -20 Features
• DVD -V, DVD -A and DVD -R/RW compatibility
• High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
• SACD compatibility
• Audio CD, CD -R/RW, Video CD and SVCD compatibility
• Serial control via RS -232C
• 14 -bit/216 MHz D/A video conversion
• Progressive -scan component video output on BNC, RCA or D1/D2 (Mini -D Ribbon) connectors
• True 2:3 pull -down for the finest film -based DVD reproduction
• Video Adjust for exact, detailed adjustment of video settings
• Still Frame, Frame -by -Frame, Slow, Random, Repeat and Program playback modes
• 24 -bit/192 kHz D/A audio conversion
• Digital audio output on S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF optical or AES/EBU connectors
• Stored disc settings for up to 20 discs
• MP3 and JPEG compatibility
• Optional SACD speaker distance compensation
• Audio Synchronization capability
• Composite and S -video output
• Trigger input connector
• IR input connector
• Intuitive user interface
• Optional 19 -inch rack mount kit

The Lexicon RT -20 is currently available with a U.S. MSRP of $4995.00.

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