Leading organisations and key industry experts already supporting Net -atHome™2005

Homega Research is particularly pleased to announce that a number of leading organisations and key industry experts have already confirmed their full support to Net-atHome™2005, and this seven months prior to the event.

The event at a glance…

Net -atHome™2005, the largest conference and exhibition in Europe covering the connected home markets worldwide, is a business oriented event yearly produced by Homega Research, a global leader in technologies and services for the home. Net -atHome™ typically attracts over 250 attendees from Europe, North America and Asia, and provides them with a unique opportunity to gather comprehensive, up to date and reliable information on the current state and future prospects of the domain, and to network with key players during the two days.

Net -atHome™ attendees are traditionally CEOs, VPs, managers of start -up companies, alongside business development, marketing and technical managers of larger companies and project managers of multinationals, all coming from various companies involved in the connected home area (manufacturers, service companies, research laboratories, business angels, etc.).

Privilege Sponsor…

Homega Research is proud to have received the active support of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance (www.homeplug.com) as the Net -atHome™2005 Privilege sponsor. The Alliance, whose mission is to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost effective, interoperable and standards -based home powerline networks and products, will bring expertise to the event on powerline home networking solutions while presenting its ongoing developments (HomePlug AV, HomePlug BPL, etc.) and market perspective.

"We are delighted to join with Homega Research, and the major stakeholders in the value chain at Net -atHome™2005 to continue to share our experience and expertise, hone our knowledge and skills, and continue to develop the international relationships that enhance our collective efforts." Oleg Logvinov, President, HomePlug Powerline Alliance - President & CEO, Arkados, Inc.

Platinum Sponsors…

Net -atHome™2005 also features the support of DS2, a leading supplier of chipsets for powerline communications (www.ds2.es), and ECHELON Corp., a world leader in device networking technology for automation systems (www.echelon.com) as Planimum Sponsors.

Gold Sponsors…

The PLCforum Association (www.plcforum.com), the OPERA IST Project (www.ist -opera.org) and the TEAHA IST Project (www.teaha.org) are the first to have signed up for Gold sponsorship packages

Key industry experts…

Homega Research is happy to announce that the following key industry experts have accepted to act as Net -atHome™2005 session facilitators, whose missions are, in close liaison with Homega Research, to prepare the content of each session, striving to address the key issues relating to the session`s theme and to moderate the sessions:
- Craig McAllister - Managing Director & CEO, Local Information Networks (facilitator of the session `Which communications networks for the home?`)
- Oleg Logvinov - CEO of Arkados & President of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance (facilitator of the session "What can we expect from EU Projects?`)
- Orly Cocco - Technology Manager, Procter & Gamble (facilitator of the session `What does the consumer want?`)
- Victor Dominguez Richards - Strategy and Standardisation Director, DS2 (facilitator of the session `Connected home markets in Asia`)
- Duane Gauger - Future Home Manager, Digital Home Group (facilitator of the session `From business models to success stories`)
- John Barr - Standard Realization Director, Motorola (facilitator of the session `Today`s and tomorrow`s killer apps`)

Other Net -atHome™2005 partners…

Supporting associations: ADDI n BCDI n CABA n DLNA n HomePlug Powerline Alliance n IBG n Internet Home Alliance n LonMark International n MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) n OSGi Alliance n PLCforum Association n TAHI (The Application Home Initiative) n WiFi Technology Forum n WiMedia Alliance n Z -Wave Alliance n ZigBee Alliance

Media Partners: Automated Building n Casadomo n Domotica n HomeToys n Hidden Wires

For more information about Net -atHome™2005 (sponsorship packages, exhibition areas, speaking opportunities, attendance, etc.) please visit the event website (www.net -athome.com) or send an email to info@net -athome.com

About Homega Research

Homega Research (www.homega -research.com) is the Division of Sigma Consultants specialized in the field of Technologies and Services for the home. It has developed its activities from the expertise and experience Sigma has acquired in this domain since the company`s creation in 1984. Homega Research is proud to have succeeded in building a long -standing reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism for all its services: technology assessment, market research, and business events.

Warning: although the greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information developed in this document, Homega Research can assume no legal responsibility for the information and opinions developed within it.


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