Projection Summit Agenda and Speakers Set

Industry Leaders and Analysts to Focus on Projection Competitiveness

May 10, 2005 - The nearly final agenda, speakers and participating analysts is now set for the fourth annual Projection Summit Conference, an annual gathering of projection industry leaders held in conjunction with InfoComm.

The conference this year will focus on increasing the competitiveness of projection displays in the maturing presentations market as well as the high growth television market. In both segments, big screen flat panels are pushing up the standards for image quality while putting downward pressures on prices.

The two -day agenda for the PS05 conference is now finalized and details for the schedule and session descriptions are available online at The Monday, 6 June, agenda will focus on the supply chain with the Tuesday sessions looking at new technologies and the market analyst view.

Key Monday Session and Speakers include:

Image Quality and Electronics Review Session - The developers of the media processors used in projectors and flat panels are at the center of industry wide effort to improve image quality. Several of these chip companies are well down the path toward developing a battery of image quality metrics. A panel of the experts will discuss their data on image quality measurement and what they can do to improve competitiveness of projection products. The experts include:

Pete Putman, President, Roam Consulting
Mike Fullman, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Pixelworks
Dennis Crespo, VP Marketing, Silicon Optix

Illumination Review Session - Arc lamps are expensive, age, then die. What is more important - lower cost, longer life, or more lumens? How much will the incumbent products improve? Can we expect new LED or laser light sources to be competitive in mainstream products in the near term? Can the lamp weakness of projection become a competitive strength? Is there enough lamp supply? Lamp panelists include:

Kazuki Minato, General Manager, Ushio
Dirk Vanderhaeghen, Philips Lighting
Wolfgang Schnabel, Osram Opto
Greg Niven, VP Marketing, Novalux

Microdisplay & Engine Review Session - To remain competitive with LCD and PDP products, projection products will need to find ways to cope with 15% to 20% annual price reductions over the next few years. Can cost reductions keep pace with price reductions? What are the plans of the major imager providers, key optical component providers and engine makers to address this challenge? What are the technical, manufacturing and supply chain management improvements that are underway? Presenters will be:

Satofumi Koike, GM, TFT Design Tech Dept, LCD Operations Div., Epson
Pete van Kessel, Manager, DLP™ Products Japan, Texas Instruments
Hugo Gaggioni, CTO, Sony Electronics
Hans -Joachim Stoehr, Key Account & Product Manger, Carl Zeiss

Screen Review Session - Current RPTV screens do not come close to delivering the brightness, wide angles, and quality of most LCD and PDP displays. Is there hope to close the image quality gap? Can screen makers hold, or drop the price line while simultaneously offering higher quality screens? Speakers are:

Soren Busk, Sales & Marketing Manager, DNP
Ray Kwong, President, Scram Technologies

Panel Discussion - The day will conclude with representatives from each session discussing how the supply chain can integrate their efforts to make projection more competitive with flat panels.

Opportunities for LED and Laser -Based Projection Systems Session - When and how will LED and laser -based projection systems enter the market? How will pocket projectors, embedded projectors, RPTVs and large venue applications be empowered by these new technologies? What should be our expectations? New technology presenters will include:

Gerd Rieche, R&D Manager, Carl Zeiss
James Chan, Director, Projector Product Marketing, Mitsubishi

Investment Community Assessment - After a decade of growth, there are some real financial success stories in the projection community, but there is also the reality that the industry is maturing and Asian companies rule. What is the current view of the investment opportunities? Where do investors see areas of growth and areas of concern? Where are they placing their bets? Investment community panelists are:

Alex Wong, Partner, Apax Partners
Brian Alger, Equity Analyst for Multimedia Technologies, Pacific Growth Equities

Analysts Debate High Performance Projection Systems and the ProAV Channel - What is happening in the ProAV channel? We all hear the name of the game is selling solutions, not boxes, but what does that really mean? How should box makers position their projectors for this market? What are the key segments and what is the name of the game in the lucrative segments? eCinema? Digital Signage? Government? What is the forecast for systems and revenue? Are flat panels impacting projector sales? Are new business models emerging? What strategies are working and what is not? Analyts will include:

Bill Coggshall, President, Pacific Media Associates
Karen Johnson, Decision Tree Consulting
Sanju Khatri, Principal Analyst, Projection & Large Screen Displays, iSuppli Corporation
Eva Guterres, Director of Market Intelligence, ICIA
Paul Martin, Editor -in -Chief, TFCInfo

Analyst Debate: Value Projectors and The IT channel - Have HP and Dell taken over the channel to corporate sales? Is it strictly boxes on -line and how low can you go? What about the education market, especially the K -12 segment? What do projector manufacturers need to know to be successful? What is the forecast, including the crossover segment? Are selling low cost projectors a loss leader and an ante to play in the game? Is there a better solution? Presenters and Debaters are:

Tony Bicknell, Managing Director, Decision Tree Consulting
Bill Coggshall, President, Pacific Media Associates
Midori Takaso, Marketing Director, Techno Systems Research
Paul Martin, Editor -in -Chief, TFCInfo

Analyst Debate: The Home - This is the market that all analysts have their eye on and opinions vary. Come hear the flat panel experts tell why RPTV will stagnate and debate with the projector analysts who see sustained growth. What are the performance and price issues? Who will win? Participating in the debate will be:

Mike Fisher, Senior Consultant, Decision Tree Consulting
Rosemary Abowd, Vice President, Pacific Media Associates
Ross Young, President, DisplaySearch
Tamaryn Pratt, Director, Quixel Research
Steve Marsland, Sr. Partner, McLaughlin Consulting Group & Insight Media
Midori Takaso, Marketing Director, Techno Systems Research
Sanju Khatri, Principal Analyst, Projection & Large Screen Displays, iSuppli Corporation
Chris Nitz, Director S&M - Microdisplay Projection Products, 3M Precision Optics

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