Aperion Audio Announces The Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line

Aperion Audio, the first company to provide a totally risk-free buying experience, today announced the Intimus 6-Series Speaker Line.

Aperion Audio Announces The Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line

Audiophile Quality Without the Audiophile Speaker Price

NEW YORK, NY - April 28, 2005 - Aperion Audio, the first company to provide a totally risk -free buying experience, today announced the Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line. This new speaker line, designed to deliver audiophile quality at an affordable price, will debut at the Primedia Home Entertainment Expo, at the New York Hilton, in the Aperion Audio double suite (Rooms 1022, 1023). The Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line delivers sonic accuracy and powerful stand -alone bass for less than $600 per bookshelf pair or less than $1000 per tower pair.

"Audiophile quality sound doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag," said Win Jeanfreau, founder and CEO of Aperion Audio. "Our new Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line easily competes with speakers double its price."

The Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line delivers more than just great value. Its sonic accuracy has been carefully designed with Aperion Audio's signature 1 -inch HDF furniture -grade cabinet that minimizes resonance and coloration of the sound, resulting in natural sound reproduction. The system's long -throw low -resonant frequency woofer provides an outstanding bass response that reaches down to 40Hz, and the dual flared port results in a cleaner and tighter bass.

Features of the 5 -inch Speaker Series
1" Audiophile -Grade Silk -Dome Tweeter
All Intimus speakers are built with 1" silk dome tweeters, providing remarkably smooth and natural detail. This audiophile -grade tweeter features ferrofluid cooling for high -power handling, smooth response and an enhanced heat sink, resulting in less distortion.

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6.5" Custom Woofer
The Aperion Audio custom -designed long -throw composite 6.5" Woofer is the heart and soul of our Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line. The woofer is made of a strong and lightweight composite material offering a super fast and accurate response. The magnetically shielded driver sports a solid metal frame, heavy rubber surround and extra -long excursion resulting in superior low bass extension.

Anti -Resonant Cabinet
Each 6 -Series speaker is made of 1" thick high -density fiberboard (HDF) to eliminate unwanted resonances and is finished in real cherry wood or high -gloss black lacquer. This first -rate cabinetry unites the acoustic -damping qualities of only the most expensive loudspeakers with a true furniture -grade finish.

Video Shielding
All drivers in the 6 -Series Speaker Line are magnetically shielded to protect video monitors from magnetic interferences, allowing placement on or near viewing devices.

HD -X3 Impedance Leveling Crossover Technology
Patent pending HD -X3 crossover technology levels the impedance load across the entire frequency range creating a remarkably flat frequency response and eliminates the detrimental effects of resistance introduced by long runs of speaker wire.

5 -Way Gold -Plated Binding Posts
Each 6 -Series speaker comes standard with audiophile quality gold -plated five -way binding posts, and accepts banana plugs (4mm), spades (3/8"), pins or bare wire to provide pure signal transfer and ultimate connection flexibility.

Acoustically Transparent Grille
An acoustically transparent grille is included with each speaker to protect the drivers from inquisitive kids and pets. The grille cloth is sonically invisible so speaker performance isn't compromised.
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Pricing and Availability
The Aperion Audio Intimus 5 -Series Speaker Line includes bookshelf speakers priced at $598 per pair and towers priced at $998 per pair. Pre -orders for the Intimus 6 -Series Speaker Line systems will be made at the show for delivery in June of 2005.

Totally Risk -Free In -Home Audition®
All Aperion Audio products are sold direct and include the Totally Risk -Free In -Home AuditionTM that allows every customer to audition the speakers in the space it will be used. Aperion Audio provides free shipping both ways, free technical support with live chat, email, and toll -free calls, a free customer care kit including an SPL meter to properly calibrate your system, a comprehensive 10 -year warranty, and a full -value one -year trade up program.

About Aperion Audio
Aperion Audio is an online direct -to -consumer speaker manufacturer for smart shoppers who are frustrated with the retail experience. Aperion offers a better value, meaningful information, generous service, and unlike other speaker retailers and manufacturers, is the only company to deliver an honest and Totally Risk -Free In -Home Audition TM. For additional information, visit www.aperionaudio.com.

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