Silent Subwoofer, by ButtKicker for car audio

The Guitammer Company is releasing a version of the popular ButtKicker low frequency transducer for car audio, called Silent Subwoofer for car audio. Silent Subwoofer provides powerful, musically accurate bass, with no exterior noise.

For immediate release

Westerville, Ohio

ButtKicker® Silent Subwoofer solves vehicle sound ordinance issues

Awesome car audio, without loud volume

Silent Subwoofer provides high quality car audio, with no exterior noise, virtually solving community noise ordinance issues caused by loud car stereo systems. Based on the patented technology used in the popular ButtKicker tactile transducer, Silent Subwoofer provides a musically superior alternative to large vehicle speakers and subwoofers.

The human body perceives sound through two senses: we hear sound, but we also feel sound, especially low frequency. People enjoy loud rock concerts, aerial bombs at firework displays… and loud subwoofers in their cars, because they desire to feel the sound pressure in their bodies. Sound that is felt is an essential part of accurate and pleasing audio reproduction.

Shania Twain, The Tonight Show Band, Josh Groban, Usher, Los Lonely Boys, Ricky Skaggs, Evanescence, Michael McDonald and dozens of other entertainers use ButtKickers for stage and studio monitoring. In fact, ten 2005 Grammy Award winners, and thirty -seven nominees use ButtKickers in their stage set ups. The perception by the performer is that the sound on stage is big and powerful, when in reality it may not be loud at all. And because the ButtKicker was designed by musicians and studio engineers, the quality of sound is excellent.

ButtKickers are also currently being used in thousands of home theaters, worldwide. ButtKickers can also be experienced at select IMAX theaters, Disney World, Hershey Park, Six Flags and others. The new Kennedy Space Center visitor's center will be ButtKicker -equipped. ButtKickers are also used with dance floors, video games and simulators.

Building on the public awareness of ButtKicker technology, the Guitammer Company premiered Silent Subwoofer, by ButtKicker, for car audio, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas NV, January 2005, and is currently releasing products for the custom car audio industry. OEM test vehicles are also on the road with Ford, Toyota -Scion, GM, Visteon and Johnson Controls.

A motor vehicle contains inherent problems for quality sound reproduction. Extreme sound pressure levels cause offensive vibration, both within and without a vehicle. Silent Subwoofer, by ButtKicker solves these problems. In addition, with Silent Subwoofer, average factory -installed speaker systems appear to be premium, simply because the speakers are no longer required to produce excessive low frequency. And… when added to a premium system, the extended low frequency is breath -taking. The transducers are installed directly to the frame of the vehicle, producing no audible sound.
Ken McCaw, Media Relations
The Guitammer Company Incorporated
6296 Maxtown Road #500
Westerville OH 43082
614 -898 -9370

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