White & Klein launch a new firm delivering high value services targeting channel partners in the custom installation industry

NEWTON, MA & BREA, CA - April 26, 2005 - StayTuned! It`s a match made in heaven. A merging of West Coast and East Coast. A compliment of styles and experience; a merging together of two industry veterans, experts, icons. Yes, the dynamic duo of Frank White and Mitchell Klein have pooled their resources and skill sets to create StayTuned, an exciting, new consulting practice with a razor -sharp focus on the custom installation business.

`The custom installation channel is right in the middle of the crosshairs of a rapidly converging group of manufacturers, distributors, technologies and product developers", said Klein, a founding partner in StayTuned. `For a supplier, plowing through the noise and confusion surrounding new technology and product introductions to gain the attention and focus of dealers is a monumental challenge. For the dealers, sorting through all the hype and promise from the supply side is an almost impossible task. StayTuned is in an ideal position to help`.

Industry veterans White & Klein have formed a high -value added consultancy practice with extensive resources for delivering significant value to their clients and the Custom Installation industry. StayTuned provides their clients a unique combination of industry experience, know -how, contacts and confidentiality, resulting in delivering company objectives at the warp speed that is so essential in this rapidly changing industry.

White, a founding partner, opines: `Our years of diverse experience enables StayTuned to deliver a complete channel solution to our clients, with high -level expertise in business development, channel development, distribution strategies, and marketing of high -tech products in the custom installation channel of the consumer electronics industry. Working with Mitchell has been a blast!`.

A key element of the StayTuned strategy is the formation of the StayTuned Network. This network has been established to collect and share industry intelligence and market opportunities on a variety of topics; provide dealers with special incentives from partner manufacturers; and share ideas and best practices with network members. All industry players are invited to join up. Visit the StayTuned web site to join:

Mitchell Klein has had a very successful and high profile career in the custom installation industry. For over 14 years he was CEO of one of the most successful industry pioneer firms, Media Systems. He is a 2 -term past president of CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), serving on the board of directors in virtually every capacity over a storied ten year run. He continues to volunteer for the association.

Frank White was instrumental in evangelizing and training the industry about designing and implementing quality RF backbones in the residential marketplace, establishing Channel Plus as a value -added product line in a commodity category. Many insist it is Frank who brought the whole category of RF design to the forefront of the custom installation industry. His volunteer and training efforts at CEDIA are legendary, spanning the entire existence of the organization and continuing today.

Visit the StayTuned website for a more comprehensive background on the industry founders, more details on this new exciting company, and łblasts from the past˛ pictures showing a bit of history and ongoing fun in this exciting industry.

White and Klein continue to deliver training, lectures and insights, filling rooms at events all around the country. Check out their schedules on the StayTuned website to catch up and say hello!

StayTuned may be reached at their main offices in the East Coast:
51 Fairfield Street
Newton, MA 02460
Office: (617) 243 -0088
Fax: (508) 300 -6432


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Mitchell Klein Frank White
Partner Partner
Boston Office Los Angeles Office
Tel: 617 -243 -0088 Tel: 714 -256 -9922
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