Oregan Networks Provides TV Browser, User Interface Engine and Media Streaming Technology for Intel

Oregan™ Media Browser compliments the launch of Intel® 854 chipset at IDF Taipei, delivering broadband entertainment and home networking functionality

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Taiwan, April 11, 2005 - Intel® architecture for consumer electronics and Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) platforms is powering Oregan's first full -scale implementation of Oregan™ Media Browser, which incorporates an embedded web browser and User Interface (UI) engine, Intel® NMPR -conformant home media server and player, and IPTV / VOD client - in a single convergent software solution.

"Intel brings together hardware and software developers, fostering innovation and cutting -edge technology. We are happy to be working with industry leaders such as Oregan Networks who employs industry standards for advanced web UI technology and media streaming," Said Joe Jensen, General Manager, Consumer Electronics Group, Intel's Digital Home Group. "Oregan's User Interface engine, supporting Dynamic HTML and Flash® animations with sound, facilitates a consistent and engaging user experience, providing a foundation for building user -friendly convergent devices for the digital home."

Reed Hinkel, Oregan Networks VP of Business Development said: "The Intel® 854 chipset addresses specific challenges of the digital home entertainment segment. Media processing tasks require a powerful processor, which can mean increased heat dissipation and noise. The Intel 854 chipset is designed to work with the 600 MHz Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel® Celeron® M processor, which offers high performance and very low power consumption. Platforms based on this processor and chipset require only a passive (fan -less) thermal solution, which is well -suited for the living room environment. The support of the H.264 codec, widely adopted by the Asian telecommunications operators and steadily gaining traction in North America and Europe, makes the Intel 854 chipset an ideal solution for the growing IPTV and VOD market."

About Oregan™ Media Browser
Oregan Media Browser enables broadband IP delivery of digital entertainment content to resource -constrained Consumer Electronics and Consumer Premises Equipment, as well as facilitating mobility of digital media within the home network.

Oregan Media Browser provides an optimal architectural integration of three content delivery modules: Web Browser and UI Engine, IPTV Client module and DLNA Player module with supporting home media Server.

The core of Oregan's solution is its W3C recommendations -compliant Web Browser and UI Engine module, enabling advanced web browsing and graphics rendering on TV -centric entertainment platforms. The Web Browser delivers the functionality of a Unified User Interface for converged media: Internet, IPTV, VOD and home network media.

The Web Browser module features support for Macromedia® Flash® content, HTML 4.01, XHTML1.0, JavaScript 1.5, CSS -2, CSS -TV, and DOM -2 enabling Dynamic HTML. The browser has a compact 2MB footprint and executes within 8MB SDRAM.


About Oregan Networks Ltd.
Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded software for convergent digital home
entertainment devices. Oregan offers unique expertise in highly integrated media client
solutions catering for IPTV, VOD and home network media distribution.

Oregan is privately owned, with headquarters in London (UK) and branch offices in USA,
Japan and Taiwan. Since incorporation in 1997, the company has positioned itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market, counting Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Philips Electronics amongst its customers.

Oregan participates in the UPnP® Forum and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), to
ensure compliance with rigorous quality and consumer device interoperability standards.

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Oregan Networks Ltd. PR contact: Milya Timergaleyeva

Email: press@oregan.net
Phone: +44 (0) 208 8460993

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