TalkSwitch IP PBX Phone System Delivers the Best of Both Worlds to Customers

TalkSwitch customers can benefit from using both Voice over IP and traditional telephone connections

OTTAWA, ON - April 19, 2005 - Centrepoint Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative telephone systems for small and multi -location businesses, today confirmed its commitment to meeting its customers needs through the development of the TalkSwitch ® telephone system which offers both Voice over IP and traditional telephone connections.

Centrepoint's TalkSwitch is available in configurations as small as 2 incoming lines with 4 extensions, up to systems that include 16 incoming lines, 16 VoIP trunks, 32 local and 32 remote extensions. The TalkSwitch system was designed to grow and evolve with a customers business, so up to four units per location can be networked together.

"Customers care about having reliable telephone service and features that enhance their business," said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, Centrepoint Technologies. "As long as it meets those needs, it doesn't matter whether that service is delivered over IP or the traditional telephone network. Both networks have unique strengths and asking customers to choose between the two is unnecessarily constraining."

By using TalkSwitch, small and multi -locations businesses can for the first time, realistically take advantage of the benefits of VoIP telephony. Many of those businesses though are reluctant to completely give up their published telephone numbers and lines. They understand that they can save money and access advanced network services using VoIP, but they like the reliability they have from their public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines.

With a VoIP -equipped TalkSwitch system, customers don't have to choose. They can experience VoIP for themselves while at the same time retaining at least one of their traditional connections to the PSTN.

"Telephone service is evolutionary," said Scheeren. "The move to VoIP isn't going to happen over night, it's a progression. People still need the PSTN. There are a host of issues including the ability to access emergency services like 911, availability when there is a power failure, quality of service and universal connectivity that today can only be effectively addressed by the traditional telephone network. TalkSwitch users get a fully featured telephone system that improves the way they do business, but also positions them to take advantage of next generation services like VoIP."

TalkSwitch is the ideal telephone solution for small, multi -location and home -based businesses with up to 32 phone users per location. The VoIP -equipped TalkSwitch 48 -CVA sells for $1795 US, and is available from Centrepoint Authorized Resellers or online at TalkSwitch systems without VoIP start as low as $695.

About Centrepoint
Centrepoint Technologies has set the standard for innovative telephone systems that provide small and multi -location businesses with affordable, yet powerful communications solutions. Designed to be installed and configured by the end user, the TalkSwitch is a hybrid PSTN/VoIP PBX that gives customers unparalleled flexibility and value. Built on a SIP -based architecture and uniquely scalable, the TalkSwitch is a good investment both today and tomorrow. Established in 1990, Centrepoint is focused on the global telecommunications market, and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information call (888) 332 -9322 or visit the Centrepoint website at

For more information, please contact:
Chris Brennan
Public Relations Manager,
Centrepoint Technologies
613.725.2980 x 136
888.332.9322 x 136

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