Vidikron's New Flagship Projector Makes Any Room an Upscale Home Theater

The Vision™ Model 100's Exclusive LightAmp™ Engine Brings High-Definition Clarity to the Brightest Rooms in the Home

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA - April 13, 2005 - High -performance home theater was given a virtual "all -access -pass" into the home following shipments of Vidikron's newest high -definition projector. The company released the Vision™ Model 100, and introduced a truly upscale video experience to the brightest rooms in the home, where quality projection images have until now been very difficult to achieve. The Model 100 is engineered for unmatched performance in rooms where most families like to watch movies: the family room, great room, and living room. With its new LightAmp™ engine, the Model 100 can produce tremendous brightness in such rooms, creating a cutting -edge theater experience in environments with high ambient light levels.

"Most high -end video projectors are designed to be used in dedicated theaters where the projector is the only light source. The Model 100 is unique in that it brings out the maximum detail from viewers' film libraries in bright rooms that are typically not suitable to standard projectors," said Jim McGall, vice president of sales and marketing for Vidikron. "The Model 100's picture reaches plasma -like crispness on very large screens, even with sunlight streaming through the drapes or nearby lights on. It adds versatility to Vidikron's product line, giving theater enthusiasts a whole new set of options on where they can enjoy our signature picture quality."

Vidikron incorporated today's most advanced 3 -chip, high -definition DLP™ technology with the proprietary LightAmp™ engine to achieve the perfect blend of high quality image reproduction with extremely high light output. The Model 100 creates an amazing 3500 ANSI Lumens of light output (CSMS™ Light Output: 78.5 ft -Lamberts) yet maintains a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

The Model 100's 16:9 native aspect ratio DMD™ array makes it ideal for widescreen viewing, while its 3 -chip, 1280 x 720 native resolution produces crisp, crystal clear high definition images with richly saturated colors, deep black levels and natural, highly refined detail. Six different lens options with extended lens shift capabilities further enhance the unit's flexibility, providing the custom specialist a wide range of unit positioning choices in these often difficult -to -install rooms.

Vidikron's exclusive all -digital Imagix™ video processing is integrated into the projector chassis for the most advanced video scaling and image quality available. This design provides straight line digital connections from source to light engine for absolutely stellar pictures.

The multiple aspect ratio control includes Vidikron's own IntelliWide™ mode for viewing standard video formats in widescreen without loss of image quality. Discrete
IR and RS -232 control make the installation seamless, while discrete source and aspect ratio selection accommodate any automation control system.

McGall added, "In addition to the technological advancements that go toward creating the Model 100's outstanding picture, the projector itself makes a beautiful accent within contemporary homes. Its stylized industrial design and finish make the product easy to integrate within any style décor."

The Vision Model 100 retails for $29,995.

About Vidikron

The highly respected Vidikron brand was established in 1980 in Milan, Italy, and was acquired by Runco International in 2002. Vidikron offers a comprehensive selection of high performance, cutting edge video products, distributed through a select network of authorized Vidikron dealers and custom installation professionals. For more information on Vidikron, visit our website at

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