Panasonic introduces new Shock & Splash -Resistant 5.8GHZ GIGARANGETM Cordless Telephones

Panasonic introduces three new 5.8GHz cordless telephone models for those who enjoy active lifestyles. These new models -the KX-TG5428R, KX-TG5438F/S and KX-TG5439S- not only come in unconventional colors, but are shock and splash resistant.

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 5, 2005) - - Panasonic introduces three new 5.8GHz cordless telephone models for those who enjoy active lifestyles. These new models -the KX -TG5428R, KX -TG5438F/S and KX -TG5439S - not only come in unconventional colors, but are shock and splash resistant.

`Just as our `Ideas for Life` slogan suggests, we look to design products that best fit each user`s lifestyle,` says Frank Lasorsa, merchandising VP for Panasonic`s Communications/Home Office Products Division. `Our newest 5.8GHz Designed for the active consumer, these new telephones integrate the latest technologies with progressive styling and today`s hottest colors.`

Panasonic`s new KX -TG5428R, KX -TG5438F and KX -TG5439S are specially constructed for today`s active home lifestyle. Resilient rubberized trim on the handset makes them impact resistant. Result: they are able to withstand the occasional tumble as well as everyday wear and tear. They`re also splash -resistant allowing them to handle the occasional splash, such as around the pool, washing the car or doing the dishes.

In addition to their tough construction, these models offer the advantages of the 5.8GHz1 connection for long range, exceptional clarity, and virtually interference -free operation. And, since few devices operate in the 5.8 GHz frequency, including wireless networks and microwave ovens, users can expect clear, virtually interference -free communications.

These models also include a variety of advanced features, including:

- Light Up ID: Located at the handset antenna are four different colored lights, which can provide an added visual Caller ID2 -like alert. Users can program up to four phone numbers in the Phonebook to correspond with one of the LED lights -for example, the color red for Mom, blue for the office, etc. Whenever a call is received from one of those numbers, the corresponding light will flash.

- Ringer ID: Allows users to program the telephone to `ring` a specific ringer tone or melody when specific Caller ID data is received.

- Voice Enhancer: This technology reproduces most of the upper and lower voice frequencies ignored by standard telephones. Result: improved voice quality for conversations making them more audible and easier to understand.

- Voice Changer: Found on the KX -TG5438F and KX -TGTG5439S, this fun feature gives the user the capability to change their voice, giving it a `High,` `Deep,` or `Funny` tone.

- Caller IQ: Also found on the KX -TG5438F and KX -TG5439S, this low -cost call -routing service is available via subscription through the openLCR3 Web site. This feature also allows users to download stock and weather reports, sports scores, and individual horoscopes.

In addition, all three models include Caller ID -compatibility, a Handset Speakerphone and a three -line, backlit handset LCD. The KX -TG5438F and KX -TG5439S also have ringer download and an All -Digital Answering System.

The KX -TG5439S includes two handsets, phone book sharing between handsets, and a lighted antenna with ringer/message alert.

Perfect for any contemporary setting, the new cordless models are available in unconventional colors. The KX -TG5428R comes in red, the KX -TG5438F is available in blue and the KX -TG5439S is silver.

About Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

Based in Secaucus, N.J., Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company is a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (NYSE: MC) and the hub of Panasonic`s U.S. marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. Information about Panasonic products is available at Additional company information for journalists is available at or through the company`s toll -free fax -back system at 888 -734 -7490.


KX -TG5428R

5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Telephone
Voice Enhancer Technology, Easy Menu -Driven Operation, Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator, Call Waiting Caller ID, Ringer ID, Light up ID, 50 -Station Caller ID Memory and Phone Book, Chain Dial, Melody Ringer, 3 -line backlit handset LCD, Handset Speakerphone, 4 -Melody Ringer, Handset Locator, Headset Jack & Belt Clip Included; Comes in Red
January, 2005

KX -TG5438F

5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Telephone
Same features as KX -TG5428R but adds Voice Changer, Caller IQ, Ringer Download, All -Digital Answering System; Comes in

Blue or Silver Doesn`t have Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator
January, 2005

KX -TG5439S

5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Telephone with 2 Handsets
Same features as KX -TG5438F but comes with 2 Handsets, Phone Book Sharing between Handsets, Lighted Antenna with Ringer/Message Alert; Comes in Silver

January, 2005

1Panasonic cordless phones make and receive calls within a range determined by maximum power allowed by FCC rules. Range depends on local reception conditions.
2Phone company -supplied voice mail, Caller ID and visual Call Waiting require subscription to optional phone company services
3Neither Panasonic Communications Company, Ltd. (PCC) nor Matsushita Electric Corporation of America (MECA) is in any way affiliated with, or responsible for the acts or omissions of, Inc. (openLCR). Neither PCC nor MECA nor any of their employees or affiliates or customers make any warranties or representations, either express or implied, to any customer or any other third party with respect to any of the services provided by openLCR, nor assume nor create any other obligation of any kind on behalf of openLCR.
* Manufacturer`s suggested retail price. All prices are in U.S. Dollars
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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