Hush Technologies today announces the availability of their Mini -ITX PC with the VIA EPIA Mini ITX S

Hush Technologies are pleased to introduce an extension to the current portfolio the VIA EPIA Mini-ITX SP13000 mainboard that provides Hush Mini-ITX with the highest possible processing capability alongside greater digital media performance.

Small, sexy and silent, the HUSH™ Mini -ITX is a practical solution to the twin problems of both SPACE and NOISE. The HUSH™ Mini -ITX provides appropriately configured solutions for office, domestic and commercial applications.

The HUSH™ Mini -ITX began what is knows as "The Quiet Revolution"

Following on from the successful launch of their Mini -ITX PC using the VIA EPIA M Mini -ITX Form Factor motherboard, based on the `Nehemiah` VIA C3 CPU core, Hush Technologies are pleased to introduce an extension to the current portfolio to include the VIA EPIA Mini -ITX SP13000 mainboard.

Markus Kremer, General Manager of Hush Technologies commented, "The Hush Mini -ITX PC was our first PC in the Hush family of products. Hush research has indicated to us that silence leads to increased productivity, a better working environment, lower cost of ownership and a longer shelf life. The Mini -ITX is as much at home in the office or the living room, and the VIA EPIA Mini -ITX SP13000 mainboard offers Hush the ability to provide the highest possible processing capability alongside greater digital media performance"

Configuration of the Hush Mini ITX with the new VIA SP13000 Board:

o VIA EPIA -SP Board 1.3 GHz
o TEAC Slimline CD Rom
o Silver or Black
Graphic Audio TV
o VGA on Board
Hard disk
40GB 3.5`` Hard Disk HDD
o 256MB DDR266 SDRAM - 1 DIM...
Software Antivirus
o eTrust™ EZ Antivirus 2005 ...
Software OS
o Windows XP Home and Works Suite 2005

Pricing and Availability
The HUSH™ Mini -ITX with the VIA EPIA Mini ITX SP13000 mainboard starts at 886.06 Euros and can now be purchased from or

About Hush Technologies
Hush Technologies is a bespoke manufacturer of precision engineered PCs and cooling systems that work with people, not against them. Ergonomics, stability and silence are our watchwords and our focus is on case design, cooling systems and consultancy. Hush Technologies services industries and individuals where stability and silence are a priority, including the medical, media, domestic, architectural and creative arenas. The word in today's market place is 'choice' and bespoke solutions are the way forward. Hush Technologies provides the answer by managing the customer -supplier relationship from the early days of consultation, through the design, manufacture and customization stages to the creation of the end product.

Hush Technologies. The Science of Silence

About the VIA EPIA SP -Series Mini -ITX Mainboard
The VIA EPIA SP -Series Mini -ITX mainboard introduces the VIA CN400 Digital Media Chipset to the Mini -ITX form factor for the first time, extending the feature set of the VIA EPIA Mini -ITX family to include support for DDR333/400 and even greater digital media performance. VIA also brings the highest processing capability with the 1.3GHz VIA C3™ and the fanless VIA Eden™ ESP 8000 processors to the EPIA series, squarely targeting even the most demanding personal electronics applications

Smooth digital video playback is enabled through the Chromotion CE Video Display Engine of the S3 Graphics UniChrome™ Pro IGP graphics core features hardware -based MPEG -2 decoding and MPEG -4 acceleration for smooth playback of the most popular video formats, together with Adaptive De -Interlacing and Video De -Blocking advanced video rendering functions for unequalled image crispness and clarity on a full range of standard definition digital TV displays.

Additionally, the VIA EPIA SP supports an impressive range of high -speed storage and connectivity options, such as Serial -ATA, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), USB 2.0 and 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet. The VIA EPIA SP also offers support for various LVDS embedded LCD panels, has a PCI slot for expandability options, and is compatible with a full range of Mini -ITX power supplies and chassis, as well as FlexATX and MicroATX enclosures

More information on the VIA EPIA SP Mini -ITX mainboard can be found at:

Hush Technologies PR Contacts

Jane Hickford (01707 870401 or
Claire Rutland (0151 510 2726

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