Blu -Ray Cinema with Sony Professional at Asaca booth NAB #SL -1426

Sony Professional Products has invited Blu-Ray Cinema, LLC to debut their Blue Laser Disc 1080P playback device at NAB. You can see this device at the Sony display in the Asaca/Shibasoku booth in South Hall 1 - Booth # SL 1426 at the LVCC.

The `Blu -Ray Cinema Player` Featuring the Sony blue laser professional disc for data.

Pre -order requests are now being accepted.
(Patent Pending 60/594215)

Blu -Ray Cinema, LLC offers consulting, sales, design, installation, testing and evaluation services and a proprietary 1080P player.

The `Blu -Ray Cinema Player` : a self -contained and cost effective solution for 1080P playback (up to 2048 x 1556) of digital cinema files with HDTV 709 colorimetry.

Blu -Ray Cinema Player Inspired by a personal need to spend more time with the family during the long hours associated with the post -production process. The 1080p (up to 2048 x 1556) playback capabilities of the new Blu -Ray Cinema Player are targeted towards the global post -production community. The intention is to enable producers, directors, editors, etc. to view raw footage `works in progress.` at any location... with the potential of drastically increasing `face -time` with family members. This device allows for the secure `playback only` of these current projects. Being a custom built product, the design allows for modular expansion for increased security and far as to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing facility automation infrastructures.

In addition to offering product lines as a dealer for several manufacturers, Blu -Ray Cinema, LLC has developed an exclusive series of 1080p playback devices. These state of the art products are available for pre -orders through email. Custom orders are accepted for units engineered to deliver high definition video that is HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection) and HDTV 709 compliant.

A 1080P preview of `Digital Video Essentials` will be displayed at NAB (courtesy Joe Kane Productions.)

Email your request to Blu -Ray Cinema, LLC
at sales@blu

`Professional Disc for DATA Logo` is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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