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JVC introduces ProHD, which offers corporate and broadcast programme makers alike the low cost option to shoot in either standard or high definition.

London, 29th March 2005 - As the worldwide consumer electronics industry begins to gear up for the anticipated growth in HDTV capable home entertainment products, JVC introduces ProHD, which offers corporate and broadcast programme makers alike the low cost option to shoot in either standard or high definition.

At NAB 2005, JVC introduces a range of cost -effective production tools that open the doors of HD to broadcasters, production companies, educational and religious organizations as well as independent film and video producers.

The centerpiece of JVC's affordable HD approach is called ProHD, an HDV -compatible video system with full professional specifications which can fulfill the high quality standards of both standard and high definition
capture. By including professional capabilities such as time code, true 24p HD, and dual media direct recording to hard disk, ProHD becomes a tool that can be easily used to produce film -like quality HD programming in a
variety of applications.

To achieve its affordable HD solution, JVC utilises widely available, non -proprietary technologies such as MPEG -2 compression, DV recording media and conventional hard disk drives.

Realising that many users will want to phase in HD production, JVC has designed ProHD to provide spectacular standard definition performance as well as true high definition. Recording in either Professional DV or HD is currently available on all ProHD cameras, recorders and disk drives. JVC's ProHD products use their superior resolution and processing power to deliver top performance in either native 16:9 or 4:3 modes, producing standard definition recordings superior to competing SD -only products. And, ProHD decks are even capable of playing back DVCAM™ tapes.

JVC's first ProHD models, being shown at NAB 2005, include GY -HD100 the revolutionary compact -sized 3 -CCD camcorder and the BR -HD50E ProHD recorder player. These first ProHD models offer:

- Compatibility with HDV and the numerous supporting products developed for that format (NLE systems)
- Full resolution High Definition Progressive recording
- 24 frame Progressive (same as film) recording with smooth motion performance previously available only in very high end HD cameras.
- Direct To Edit™ disc recording in the native formats of popular non -linear editing systems. DTE™ eliminates the file transfer process and allows editing instantaneously -never before possible with any HD system, at any price.
- Dual Media Recording that gives camera operators the ability to record simultaneously to disk and to tape, providing an instant backup.

ProHD is a dynamic system that can adapt to the changing needs and technologies of the future. JVC's vision extends ProHD's existing capabilities with the addition of 1920 x1080 interlace and progressive recording in future implementations. And, JVC's vision also encompasses optical and solid state media in future products. In a world where tape formats are becoming a thing of the past, but where data compatibility and storage are key components in every system, ProHD makes sense. Don't think of it as a 'format' but rather a system approach that allows customers to advance without changing systems.

About JVC
JVC Professional Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Limited and is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of video and data -related products.

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