Indy -Tech Publishing announces new X10 book!

This book takes the reader through progressively more complex home automation tasks, all building upon the skills from the previous activiity. Includes detailed photos and instructions.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Indianapolis, IN - MARCH 2005 - - Indy -Tech Publishing, the publishing division of Sams Technical Publishing, LLC, has announced the March release of Easy X10 Projects for Creating a Smart Home

X10 technology has been around for a number of years and has become more and more affordable. Components are simple to use and can be found at the local home center or electronics store. X10 components allow for the installation of home automation and home security systems that utilize the electrical wiring already found in the home, eliminating the need to run new wires.

X10 components can be controlled with various hand -held remotes, wall switches, a personal computer and with voice commands. The popular "mini -controller" doubles as an alarm clock and provides a myriad of options for enabling automation in your home.

"Some of the author's initial chapters helped me put an X10 solution in place in my own home," notes Richard White, Chief Operating Officer at Sams Technical Publishing. "The availability of X10 components and the author's step -by -step instructions means my son gets up for school on time!"

Sam Allen of Technica Pacifica headed up this project. Mr. Allen's own X10 experiences are chronicled in the book, with projects ranging from very simple, to moderately -complex security systems. Allen and his team analyzed each project, outlined steps and equipment needed, provided photos, helpful tips, and guidance. The projects are designed to have real -life applications, and the implementation of each naturally leads to the next.

To request a sample copy of this book, email with your complete address. To schedule an interview with Sam Allen, please contact Richard White at 317 -895 -2704 or

Sams Technical Publishing, LLC, formerly the Howard W. Sams Company, has a long history of publishing, dating back to 1946, with books ranging from The Joy of Cooking to computer, electronics and automotive -related titles. Other recent books from Indy -Tech Publishing and Sams Technical Publishing include The Savvy Guide to Home Theater and Peyton Manning: Passing the Record. Sams Technical Publishing, LLC is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and is part of the AGS Capital, LLC group of companies, which includes Superior Metal Technologies, FastTek Group, Hoosier Trim, and MedTech Colleges.

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