Crowson teams with Spectre Audio for Montreal Hi -End Show

April 1st-3rd, Montreal Son et Image Hi-End Audio and Home Theater Show. Spectre Audio, Toronto-based distributor opens Canadian distribution network for Crowson Technology high-end home theater products.

Crowson Technology, LLC

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Montreal, Canada, Apr, 2005/Crowson Technology, LLC - Crowson Technology of Santa Barbara, California -based, home entertainment/audio technology innovator, will join with their Canadian distributor, Spectre Audio of Toronto, at the 2005 Son et Image Tradeshow. Crowson`s flagship TES 100 (Tactile Effects System) will be featured in a fully equipped, state -of -the -art home theater display at the Montreal Delta Hotel Room #712, 1 -3 April, 2005.

The TES 100 (Tactile Effects System), recently featured on CBS News and named `Best AV Accessory of the Year` by Best Magazine`s `Guide to Life`s Best Things,` will have its Canadian AV Industry premier at Son et Image 2005. The TES 100 is the first and only tactile transducer to incorporate patent -pending `Linear -Direct -Drive™` technology - - a true linear actuator that translates low frequency sound into accurate, seamless motion. Audiophiles and Home Theater enthusiasts alike can hear and now FEEL, with supreme realism, the commanding reverberations of a pipe organ or timpani, the bone -jarring crack of a rifle, rhythmic vibrations of a muscle car, or the earth -shaking roar of a shuttle launch.

`We designed the TES 100 specifically for home audio and theater enthusiasts, and have set a new standard for flat frequency response, linearity and durability,` said Randolph Crowson, President and Chief Engineer of Crowson Technology, `The TES 100 is the MOST accurate bass reproduction device in the world.`

Widescreen Review`s Jeffrey Kern said, `The degree of movement on -screen is seemingly reproduced to perfection by the Crowson Technology TES 100 Tactile Effects System...a tangible, (e)motional experience.`

Other equipment featured in the display will include B&K Components, Goo Systems Screens, PSB Loudspeakers, Panasonic`s AE700U Projector, and Fortress Theater Seating.

MOVE YOURSELF! For more information and to buy the TES 100, visit or email Dealer and media inquiries always welcome.


Spectre Audio, led by President Najeeb Khan, has earned an unparalleled reputation in the greater Ontario area for superb home theater custom installation and customer service. Contact: or

Crowson Technology, LLC: Crowson products are proudly assembled in the USA. Led by Randolph Crowson, President and Chief Engineer, Crowson Technology is committed to the highest quality in manufacturing, design, and customer service. Contact: (805) 962 -9004, or visit

Son et Image 2005 will be held on 1,2 and 3 April 2005, at the Delta and Holiday Inn Hotels in Montreal, Quebec. For more information on the show, visit

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