Visson's VC3300T Mobile DTV Receiver setting a new trend for Digital TV

CeBIT, Hannover (Germany) - March 11, 2005 - Visson Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of their VC3300T DVB-T digital TV Receiver for automotive markets.

CeBIT, Hannover (Germany) - March 11, 2005 - Visson Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of their VC3300T DVB -T digital TV Receiver for automotive markets. The VC3300T includes all the standard functions of Visson's VI3270T in -vehicle solution that was released at CES 2005 in Las Vegas. In addition, it offers Tele Text and EPG functions (Electronic Program Guide), is fitted with an external NTSC/PAL switch, and others. With its dual diversity modulator/tuner the VC3300T is ideally suited for high -speed driving conditions.

The VC3300T is the latest addition to Visson's range of DVB -T set -top boxes and currently their top -of -the -range DTV receiver, aimed for niche markets in the automotive industry.

A demo of the VC3300T Mobile DTV solution can be viewed at the CeBIT 2005 Show in Hannover (March 10 -16, 2005), at Hall 11, Booth D48(1). Visson has established a global presence for their DTV receivers, partly through a clientele of leading car manufacturers in Europe. Their full range of DTV receivers will also feature at the Car+Sound and IFA 2005 shows in Europe.

DiBcom DIB3000 -MC High Doppler compensation / Tele Text function
The VC3300T provides diversity reception through its DiBcom DIB3000 -MC solution. In a mobile/outdoor environment there is a substantial difference between single and diversity reception - with diversity reception, the correctable maximum Doppler frequency is dramatically increased, and the reception coverage area is improved. Furthermore, diversity reception provides substantial gain on Carrier to Noise ratio (C/N), and in comparison with single reception dramatically increases the probability of good reception from 50 -60% to 97 -99%. (source: DiBcom)
The VC3300T Tele Text function enables data broadcasting of information such us airport arrival times, weather broadcasts and advertisements.

High Performance DTV Reception
The VC3300T provides Dual -RF Diversity Mobile Reception of Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB -T), with Anti -Doppler Enhancement - with properly installed dual antennas, the Anti -Doppler digital RF cores inter -compensate to provide unequaled reception ability. Other features include a 47 -860 MHz frequency range for VHF/UHF, OFDM Demodulation 2K/8K FFT for SFN/MFN, multi -language support with Unicode font, in -the -field air downloader, and a user -friendly GUI. The VC3300T is fully compliant with ITU DVB & Nordig II standards, and includes anti -shock, anti -violation and car -break video -shutoff functions. It supports QPSK & 16/64QAM constellations, connection to video & A/V terminals, and comes with a compact and lightweight exterior design (A5 / 1.3kg).

About Visson Technologies
Visson Technologies, Inc., a member of the VIA Technologies Group, specializes in the design and manufacturing of digital TV and multimedia consumer products, with its main focus on digital television receivers for home entertainment, mobile and pc products. Visson endeavors to design digital TV receivers compliant with all global digital TV standards, including DVB, ATSC and ISDB. Further to their DTV solutions, Visson diversifies across a wide spectrum of leading edge technologies, including navigation systems, car PC's and smart TV's, and integrating these technologies with their range of DTV receivers.

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