muveeStyles on More Camera -Phones - Make and Send Fun, Personalized Video Messages Anytime, Anywhere

muveeStyles let you instantly transform video clips and pictures into entertaining and emotive productions right on your mobile phone

Singapore - (March 3, 2005) - muvee Technologies, the pioneer and leader in automatic video production, has, to date, released more than 100 new muveeStyles for the mobile phone platform, which can be downloaded directly onto compatible Nokia camera -phones from muveeStyles let mobile phone users get creative with the video clips and pictures that they shoot on their camera -phones, by allowing them to instantly style their media into fun `muvees` right on the phone itself, and share them as multimedia messages (MMS).

muveeStyles are unique, themed templates for creating video messages on camera -phones, and each has its own effects, transitions, graphics, music and editable text messages that can be applied to video and pictures in seconds to create a finished, stylized `muvee`. Multiple video clips and pictures can also be combined into a single montage. muvee video messages are saved in 3gpp format, typically smaller than 100KB in size, ready for sending via MMS.

muveeStyles work with Nokia`s Movie Director application, and are currently available on Nokia`s 7610, 3230, 6630, 6670, 6680 and 6681 models, the latter two of which were recently launched at the 3GSM World Congress in mid -February. Each of these phone models includes between 5 and 10 unique, embedded muveeStyles.

Dr. Pete Kellock, founder and CEO of muvee Technologies said, `muvee`s concept is simple: instantly shoot, style and send. Within seconds, the user has a cool, finished muvee they can show off to friends, and it`s something the recipients will absolutely enjoy watching. Our technology allows users to spice up their media by transforming video and pictures into compelling content. It`s incredibly fast, easy and loads of fun, and it motivates users to send little memoirs of where they are or what they`re doing, whenever they want! muveeStyles open up a whole new way for people to convey a range of emotions, thoughts and feelings using their mobile phones, as seen by the popularity of our `In Love` style on Valentine`s Day.`

Users can now download muveeStyles directly to their phones from, as well as through leading mobile download portals, and muveeStyle downloads are priced from US$3.00 each, and some of the fun and nifty styles available include `Quirky Moves`, `In Love`, `Postcard`, `My Showtime` and `Pure Adrenalin`.

`In Love`, for example, adds graphics of hearts, wine glasses and a full moon set to romantic piano music. Postcard is another popular download that sets the scene for travel and discovery.

Dr. Kellock added, `The availability of muveeStyles on even more camera -phones now puts messaging creativity into the hands of millions more users, allowing them to communicate in a fun and entertaining way. It`s like playing dress -up with your video and pictures!`

A March 2004 study released by InfoTrends Research Group projected that worldwide unit sales of camera -phones would reach nearly 150 million in 2004, or just over a quarter of all mobile phone sales. InfoTrends expects camera -phone sales to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55% to reach 656 million units in 2008, with the rapid adoption of camera -phones worldwide generating an additional 29 billion digital images captured in 2004 alone.

About muvee Technologies

Founded in 2001, muvee Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore with a subsidiary, muvee Technologies, Inc. in New York. The company`s award -winning PC application, muvee autoProducer, is designed to let even the most novice user easily and automatically transform dull videos and pictures into slick, professional -looking multimedia productions. Users simply select their video clips and/or photos, add in their favorite music, and pick a muvee production style. In minutes, muvee autoProducer intelligently selects key scenes from the video footage, and cuts these highlights to the chosen music with effects and transitions synchronized to the beat. To date, muvee autoProducer has sold into 150 countries worldwide, and is bundled globally with major original equipment manufacturers including Hewlett -Packard, Sony, Nikon and ATI. muvee autoProducer is also available in retail stores across Europe, Japan and the USA. For more information, please visit

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muvee (pronounced `mew -vee`) n., always lowercase
1. A slick video production created in minutes using intelligent, automatic editing technology.
2. An abbreviation for muvee Technologies, the creators of muvee autoProducer software.

`muvee` is a registered trademark of muvee Technologies Pte Ltd.

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