Phase Technology Plans Comprehensive Display at EHX Spring 2005

Home Entertainment Speaker Manufacturer to Showcase Digital Surround Sound System and New On-Wall Speakers at Popular Industry Event

JACKSONVILLE, FL - February 17, 2005 - A comprehensive presence is what Phase Technology, a leader in speaker design and audio engineering, plans for this spring's Electronic House Expo in Orlando, Florida (February 24 -26.) In addition to displaying its breakthrough Digital Reference Theater Speaker System, Phase Technology will also showcase its new PT A -Bus Multi -Room Audio Distribution System. Also on display will be the new and elegant on -wall speaker line, as well as the rest of Phase Tech's highly rated home theater, custom in -wall/in -ceiling, and outdoor speaker lines. Booth # 1036 inside the Orange County Convention Center will indeed be an interesting stop for all EHX visitors.

"Since its introduction last fall, our Digital Reference Theater system has been raising the bar for audio realism," notes Ken Hecht, president of Phase Technology. "By using fully digital amplifiers, crossovers, and processing, our digital theater system can be specifically calibrated to produce the ideal balance and most accurate frequency response possible for the very room in which the system is installed. At EHX, our visitors will be able to learn more about the system as well as our new plasma speakers, and the recently introduced PT -ABUS Multi -Room Audio Distribution System."

Phase Technology plans to showcase the Custom Box version of the all -digital home theater system. Planned for release in Q2 of 2005, this system version has been specifically designed for applications where big sound is the star and speakers unobtrusively hide in cabinets or behind projector screens.

The new Phase Tech on -wall speaker line is scheduled to ship in Q2 of 2005 and has been designed to seamlessly complement flatscreen video displays. Phase Tech's on -walls feature a slim, crescent -shaped design that makes a spectacular accent when installed around wall -mounted flat panel displays. The speakers each feature dual 5 -1/4" woofers as well as the company's own 1" soft dome tweeter. Available in black or metallic silver finishes, these on -wall speakers let installers create a seamless look for the entire entertainment system no matter which model flat panel display is used.

The PT A -BUS is a brand new audio package which integrates Phase Technology's Custom Installation and Contractor Series in -wall speakers with ABUS's renowned Multi -Room Audio Distribution System. PT A -BUS enables owners to enjoy quality sound from virtually any of their audio sources in all rooms throughout their homes. Phase Technology has created seven PT A -BUS packages using five new electronic components and elegant in -wall speakers to give dealers everything that's needed to tailor a distributed audio system that matches any home's requirements. The PT A -BUS System distinguishes itself from traditional audio distribution systems by placing local amplifiers in each room or zone, instead of using a central multi -channel amp. This avoids the signal dissipation that can result from long speaker wire runs. PT A -BUS uses a single cat -5 wire to run source audio from the HUB -1 to the rooms' power modules (integrated with volume controls).

Phase Technology's in -wall speakers seamlessly integrate with any interior and perfectly complement A -BUS technology in delivering high -fidelity sound that doesn't intrude on décor. The Custom Installation and Contractor series speakers can be painted or wallpapered for a nearly invisible presence that puts all attention on the music. Each family produces dynamic and detailed sound and can even be used outdoors for outstanding performance on the front porch, back patio, or under eaves.

About Phase Technology

Phase Technology Corporation (toll -free at 888 -PHASE TK; website at ) is one of the few fully -vertically integrated American speaker manufacturers. In 2005, the company celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its inception as original equipment manufacturer, United Speaker Systems. Today, it still designs and produces all speaker components in -house. Phase Technology's speaker lines incorporate many proprietary innovations like the soft -dome tweeter, the industry's standard invented by Bill Hecht, founder of Phase Technology. Other patents include the positive -clamping mounting system for the premier in -wall Model CI -110 Series II and IW -200 in -wall subwoofer. The company also developed the Unicell™ Zero -Diffraction treatment that reduces acoustic reflections off cabinet and grille surfaces. Phase Technology manufactures its wood cabinets by hand and performs quality control tests at every step of fabrication.

Backed by five decades of design and engineering excellence in the manufacture of high quality, affordable speakers, Phase Technology supports its products with a 10 -year warranty on speakers, while amplifiers are backed by a 3 -year warranty. Phase Technology's digital home theater, audiophile, outdoor, in -wall/in -ceiling custom installation speakers, as well as powered and in -wall subwoofers are constructed at the company`s Jacksonville, Florida facility.

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