Screen Research Introduces New Screen Sizes; Lowers Prices

New Loom Size Enables Company to Offer Screens up to 22.5` wide

February 9, 2005 - Bellingham, WA - Screen Research, makers of high -quality acoustically transparent and acoustically neutral home theater projection screens, has announced hundreds of new products that are immediately available through their North American distributor, StJohn Group - The company has also lowered pricing on dozens of existing models.

Due to sales growth worldwide in 2004, the company was able to achieve substantial savings in manufacturing costs, enabling it to reduce prices on most of its fixed frame models, starting January, 2005.

"Economy of scale is what it's all about," said John Caldwell, StJohn Group's sales director. "While other European companies have been caught in the spiraling dollar plunge against the Euro, Screen Research has been able to buy material more smartly and has passed along the savings to its customers. In turn, they've made themselves incredibly more competitive in the marketplace. Top -of -the -line Screen Research screens are now priced lower than most other acoustically transparent screens on the market."

Screens in the 16:9 format in standard frame versions now start at $2,075 MSRP.

Screen Research has also made its best selling fabric (ClearPix 2 - Unity Gain White) available in larger sizes than ever before. Previously, screen width sizes have been limited, due to the width of the loom on which the fabric screens are manufactured. New manufacturing capability has resulted in screens that can now effectively be made more than 10 feet high. This translates to 16:9 format screens that can now be as wide as 17.2 feet and 2.35:1 format screens that can now be as wide as 22.5 feet.

All Screen Research screens are available with THX® ULTRA and ISF® Certified ClearPix2 projection screen material for unmatched video and audio performance. Unlike common perforated screens, the acoustically transparent ClearPix screens do not introduce the comb filtering associated with perforations and as such require no compensation equalization for speakers placed behind them.

In addition, the absence of perforations eliminates the moiré interference patterns that plague perforated screens when they are used with fixed -pixel projectors (DLP, LCD, LCOS). As a result, home theater designers who use these popular projectors can now place the Center loudspeaker where it belongs - behind the screen and at the proper height for optimum sound and image coherence.

ClearPix1 - just making its debut in the US market - is also acoustically transparent and offers dealers and consumers a lower cost option when designing a theater with an acoustically transparent screen.

Screen Research offers the ClearPix2 fabric in fixed and electric retractable models, in standard and custom widths, and in matte white (0.95 gain) or pearl grey (0.75 gain). The fixed models employ a patented frame design. Instead of using snaps or Velcro®, the screen fabric is stretched evenly via a self -tensioning system. A spring tension insert grabs the fabric and locks it firmly into the frame with no bowing or creasing. The Supreme frame's luxurious velour finish eliminates distracting stray light reflections.

The Classic - a black anodized aluminum frame - offers a lower cost option than the Supreme velour frame. And two new integrator frames - the I -frame and the J -frame - offer even lower cost options for installers integrating Screen Research screen material into existing frames or custom -built framing.

Screen Research also offers a full complement of motorized screens with masking, professional -grade fixed masking systems - called XMask - and Le Wing, the world's first integrated, fully retractable motorized screen and speaker system.

This press release, along with product literature and high -resolution photos are available for downloading from the StJohn Group web site. The Screen Research web site contains detailed product and technical information as well.

Designed and engineered in France, Screen Research screens and masking systems are distributed and marketed in the Western Hemisphere by StJohn Group, Inc. Qualified consumers who wish to purchase will be directed to an authorized dealer. Contact StJohn Group for details.

Screen Research is a company made up of scientists and business professionals with years of experience in technology and A/V design. Its main goal is to provide solutions to unresolved technical problems in the projection video screen market.

It has specialized in acoustically transparent video -projection screens of the highest quality, specifically designed for today's modern fixed pixel projectors (LCD, DLP, L -COS, etc.). Its products are distributed worldwide and have been quickly recognized and awarded for bringing significant improvements to existing screen and projection technologies.

StJohn Group is a distribution and marketing company specializing in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market. The company currently is the exclusive North American distributor and marketer of Screen Research acoustically transparent projection screens and Artcoustic on -wall loudspeakers.

The company's two founding partners - industry veterans John Caldwell and Kevin Leja - together have more than 50 years experience in virtually every facet of the consumer electronics industry. StJohn Group is pioneering a New School approach to products and marketing strategies - one that will help move CI dealers closer to the mainstream of the home design market.

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