DisplaySearch and DisplayMate Technologies Announce Joint Consulting Efforts for Monitors and TVs

This program will allow manufacturers` engineering and marketing teams to interact with the leading technology and marketing consultants on-site simultaneously to answer critical questions before millions are spent on bringing products to market.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, February 3, 2005 - -DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in FPD market research and consulting, and DisplayMate Technologies, the worldwide leader in video diagnostics, have announced a joint consulting program to help desktop monitor and TV brands with their technical and sales and marketing strategies. This program will allow manufacturers' engineering and marketing teams to interact with the leading technology and marketing consultants on -site simultaneously to answer critical questions before millions are spent on bringing products to market.

DisplaySearch and DisplayMate executives will:

Review and analyze test units

Assess product designs

Compare test units with competitive products and identify their relative strengths and weaknesses

Reveal which features are currently most in demand and suggest feature set enhancements

Suggest changes and improvements for the product, user control set, and factory calibration

Produce custom "Shoot -Out" demos so you can visually demonstrate your product's strengths together with the weaknesses of competing products and technologies

Assess current product offerings and recommend positioning of current and future products

Recommend suppliers and channel partners given strategic goals

Recommend price points

This process is geared towards improving product marketing, positioning, engineering and performance for both OEM manufacturers and brands.

According to DisplayMate President and CEO Raymond Soneira, "With both DisplayMate and DisplaySearch leaders in their respective fields, I believe this is a unique and unbeatable combination. Leveraging our technical expertise with DisplaySearch's marketing expertise, as well as our combined 150 years of industry experience and DisplaySearch's sell -in and sell -through data, we believe this service will be invaluable to even the most dominant brands."

Because over 200 publications in 50 countries use DisplayMate for editorial testing and lab reviews of video hardware, this program is designed to help your products receive great reviews and acceptance among corporate, volume and OEM buyers. Manufacturers completing the program will also have the opportunity to obtain DisplayMate Certification for their products.

According to DisplaySearch President and CEO Ross Young, "We are excited to be partnering with DisplayMate Technologies as the industry leader in video diagnostics. Combining our knowledge of where the market is today and where it is going with their ability to quantify system performance and improve image and picture quality, we believe we have a unique value proposition for our customers."

To contact DisplaySearch or DisplayMate Technologies to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Arie Braun of DisplaySearch at 512 -459 -3126, x108 or Mary Lobsitz at DisplayMate Technologies at 603 -672 -8500.

DisplaySearch is holding its 7th Annual DisplaySearch US FPD Conference from March 1 -3 in San Diego, California. For more information, please contact Kendra Smith by calling 512 -459 -3126 x107, emailing kendra@displaysearch.com or visiting www.DisplaySearch.com/usfpd2005.

About DisplaySearch

DisplaySearch is the worldwide leader in market research and consulting for the flat panel display (FPD) industries. Founded in 1996, DisplaySearch serves a growing multinational client base, with an extensive array of market intelligence reports, advisory services, and global business conferences. The firm surveys the entire display industry food chain, including component and equipment manufacturers, display producers, OEMs, distributors and retailers. From this comprehensive vantage point, DisplaySearch prepares a valued suite of market forecasts, technology assessments, studies and analyses, and produces influential industry events worldwide. The firm is comprised of a core team of 18 analysts, located in Japan, Korea, North America and Taiwan. DisplaySearch is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with regional operations in Chicago, Houston, San Jose, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, and the company is on the web at www.displaysearch.com.

About DisplayMate Technologies

DisplayMate Technologies is devoted exclusively to video testing, evaluation and optimization. The company develops state -of -the -art video diagnostic products for the consumer and professional markets. DisplayMate products are used in the calibration, testing, evaluation and optimization of image and picture quality for all types of displays, such as CRTs, analog and digital LCD, DLP, LCoS and plasma displays, projectors, TVs and HDTVs. DisplayMate is an industry standard used for judging displays at major international industry events such as the world renown INFOCOMM Projection Shoot -Out and is the editorial standard used by over 200 computer and video publications in 50 countries for their editorial testing and lab reviews of video hardware. For more information, please visit the DisplayMate on the web at www.displaymate.com.

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