D&H's "Digital House" Exhibit At EHX Helps Introduce Dealers To Distribution Resources

Partners Like Microsoft, HP, Intel, Toshiba and Linksys Join with D&H To Support CE Professionals at the Season`s Premier Industry Show, EHX Spring 2005

HARRISBURG, PA, February 7, 2005 - National computer and consumer electronics distributor D&H Distributing will demonstrate a fully -functional home entertainment network at its booth at the EHX Spring '05 trade show (#1500), February 24 - 26, 2005. The "Digital House" display will feature CE - and IT -based solutions from D&H partners including Microsoft, Hewlett -Packard, Intel, Toshiba, Linksys, SMC, Russound, ARCHOS, ViewSonic, Elite and Belkin.

Through EHX, D&H will gain exposure to close to 8,000 expected attendees from the consumer electronics and custom home installation fields. The distributor hopes to use this opportunity to convey the benefits of a distribution relationship, which CE dealers will likely need to establish as more and more IT products infiltrate the CE market. In addition to the home networking demo, D&H representatives will be on -hand to describe the kinds of resources and expertise a multi -divisional distributor can offer in helping to penetrate this newly -converged market.

"EHX gives us invaluable access to the consumer electronics professionals we want to support. Many CE dealers aren't aware yet of the breadth of services and tools we have to offer, like financing options, and educational resources," said Dan Schwab, vice president of marketing at D&H Distributing. "EHX is the consummate venue to present that message. Our association with the show and its publications has evolved into a vital and symbiotic relationship, since we're committed to helping develop the market for CE Pro's readers."

D&H's Digital House showcase will include four walk -through rooms: an office; a bedroom; and two living rooms, each spotlighting different alternatives for a home entertainment configuration, with various technologies and control zones. E.g., one living room offers a DLP TV -based system, and the other offers a projector -and -screen option.

Featured technologies include a Digital Entertainment Center and a 42 -inch, all -in -one plasma projector from Hewlett -Packard, along with a high -end, Elite home cinema screen; a 52 -inch Toshiba DLP television; an Intel Entertainment PC (ePC); an ARCHOS portable, pocket PVR device; Russound's distributed audio speakers; an Xbox gaming system; Panasonic IP network cameras; SMC wireless media adapters and receivers; Linksys media extenders; Belkin PureAV interconnects and conditioners; plus streaming media and MP3 technologies. The system runs on the Microsoft Windows XP MCE '05 operating system.

D&H's first home networking trade show display, the popular "Connected Living Room" exhibit, was originally developed in 2003. It quickly mushroomed to encompass an office and bedrooms, while distributing amenities such as home theater and streaming audio throughout. In 2004, IT -based devices became much more prevalent in the typical home network, especially following the advent of Microsoft's new MCE OS.

"The latest advances in home entertainment technology were only hinted at in our first digital exhibit. The ability to run all your devices on one operating system, to create individual management zones, to facilitate wireless connectivity -these capabilities mean that dealers can finally begin to capitalize on the market's maturity. Our exhibit, and our campaign to inform dealers, has exploded along with the technology," said Schwab.

"That's how dynamic a category this is, and how crucial a forum EHX has become. Our shared objective is not just to demonstrate how IT and CE products work in tandem, but to teach dealers, installers and resellers the best way to sell and deliver those solutions, regardless of the dealer's core competency."

About D&H Distributing
D&H Distributing is one of America's oldest and largest wholesale distributors of computer and consumer electronics products, with an impressive 85 -year history serving the reseller channel. D&H distributed the first -ever home computer, the first color television, and even the first gaming system. No other distributor has a greater depth of experience as a one -stop resource for IT and consumer electronics solutions than D&H.

The company's multi -market expertise, dedicated account reps, sterling service and ongoing educational programs reflect an ongoing commitment to its customer base. This level of all -around support enables D&H resellers and dealers to become pioneers of the newly -converging technological landscape, encompassing opportunities in the IT, enterprise, SMB and home networking arenas.

D&H received the highest loyalty rating of the distributors named in the Performance Index section of CRN magazine's 19th Annual Sourcing Study, and was named Best Distributor in the 2004 RAM Awards. D&H ships out of six separate locations, including its Harrisburg headquarters, plus warehouses in Boston, Jacksonville, Chicago, Dallas and Visalia, CA. Call D&H toll -free at (800) 340 -1001 or visit www.dandh.com.

Press Contact: Suzanne Mattaboni
Suzanne Mattaboni Communications
For D&H Distributing
(631) 242 -6614

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