Runco's Expanded Video Xtreme™ Series Puts Viewers in the Front Row of Innovation

New Projection Systems Break Fresh Ground, Establishing the Next Level in Home Entertainment Realism for the True Home Theater Enthusiast

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -January 8, 2005 - Runco International, Inc., the world leader in high -end home theater video display technology, is once again revolutionizing the concept of personalized luxury in home cinema by supercharging its Video Xtreme Projection Portfolio with four new projectors: the VX -80d, VX -60d, VX -50d and VX -40d - all fresh from Runco International's sophisticated engineering lab. These new systems join the recently introduced multi -chip VX -2c to round -out a complete portfolio of Runco 3 -chip DLP projectors that 'Bring Hollywood Home,' and redefine the way home theaters will be built from now on for the total enjoyment of the serious home theater enthusiast.

"Our engineering team has done it again! Our Video Xtreme Series take video projection to the next level with outstanding picture quality and true cinematic realism," said Bob Hana, president of Runco International. "These flagship projection systems are created for the very finest home theater applications, and are designed for true connoisseurs of big screen picture perfection who will accept no compromise."

Runco has jumped into the future once again with these state -of -the -art 3 -chip DLP projectors. Achieving unparalleled brightness, consistent white balance and stellar high -resolution images on a variety of screen sizes, the VX -80d, VX -60d, VX -50d, and VX -40d projection systems combine Texas Instruments' most advanced Dark Metal Process DMD™ chipsets with powerful Xenon lamp technology for the ultimate in big -screen home entertainment realism. Uniquely designed to offer flexibility in viewing and maximum pixel usage, two distinct versions of each model are available to meet the needs of any top qual -ity installation requirement. The VX -80d and VX -60d are offered in both 768p and 1050p, while the VX -50 and VX -40d offer both a 720p option or an alternate CineWide™ with AutoScope™ option.

The VX -2c combines Runco's exclusive SuperOnyx™ technology with 3 of TI's HD -2+ chips, eliminating the need for a color wheel, which reduces mechanical complexity and achieves superior clarity, color saturation, and contrast for the ultimate widescreen home theater experience. It is also available equipped with CineWide with AutoScope.

Designed uniquely for the new Video Xtreme portfolio of projectors, Runco's exclusive CineWide technology ensures uncompromised widescreen reproduction of movies originally filmed in the CinemaScope 2.35:1 format. The new AutoScope function allows users to control the motorized lens assembly via remote control. Through a combination of electronics and optics, each projector is able to take full advantage of every pixel on its DMD chips, thereby producing a 2.35 image with enhanced resolution and increased brightness. Regardless of the video source, these projectors maximize clarity, color saturation, and contrast of all source material, while maintaining all high -definition resolution or upgrading pictures to virtual high -definition for widescreen projection.

The Video Xtreme Projection Systems include the all -new Digital High Definition™ (DHD) Video Controller, which provides Runco's industry leading image processing, scaling and aspect ratio control, plus expansive connectivity to ensure future compatibility. Runco has incorporated its latest ViViX™ II digital video processing technology into the processor's design, enhancing digital and analog signals while outputting a pure digital signal in addition to analog. Incorporating Runco's unique VirtualWide™ feature, the DHD converts 4:3 images for maximum performance on 16:9 screens without losing any image integrity.

The DHD Video Controller also requires only a single DVI cable to connect with each projector, reducing clutter and set -up time on each job. It provides a pure digital signal path from input to output, making the Video Xtreme projectors ready to take advantage of Runco's exclusive LiveLink™ digital signal preservation technology as an option. LiveLink is the only existing solution today for transmitting DVI pure digital signals over long distances. LiveLink is integrated into the VX -2c model and available on all others.

About Runco International, Inc.

Founded in 1987 and currently headquartered in Union City, California, Runco International, Inc is a market leader in state -of -the -art projection systems, flat -panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the consumer market. Runco's innovations have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco was the first company to introduce and market a line doubler with a multi -frequency projector in 1990 and also introduced the first multiple -aspect -ratio controller, the ARC -IV, to the Home Theater market. Recently, both of these features have become essential for the new digital high definition capable televisions. For more information on Runco International, Inc. visit the web at

Video Xtreme, CineWide, AutoScope, CineWide with AutoScope, SuperOnyx, ViViX, VirtualWide, Digital High Definition, DHD, and LiveLink are trademarks of Runco International. Digital Light Processing, DLP and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

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