Home Media Networks` Home Entertainment Software the First to Gain Independent End User Support Website

Home Media Networks Ltd, the leading developer of media center software, today is proud to announce the launch of an independent site run by ShowShifter users, for ShowShifter users. ShowShifter, used by over 700,000 consumers worldwide, is the first PVR software application to warrant such a site.

With all the great add -ons, plug -ins, and themes currently available, the ShowShifter user community decided to put the domain together. A place to exchange ideas and ensure the entire ShowShifter community can find and enjoy the available enhancements. In addition, the site will also come to include relevant tutorials, FAQs and articles.

ShowShifter allows users to watch, record and time -shift (pause) TV, play DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files all through one interface. The ability to control ShowShifter with a remote control and its unique Farview interface enables the consumer to use the product from anywhere in the room with a simple, unified interface for all home entertainment components (DVR, DVD, CD, etc), as with conventional home entertainment products.

"We are working together in making ShowShifter better," explained ShowShifterGroup founder Chris Bomicino. "When you've done all the comparisons, configurations and troubleshooting, it is clear what the major draw to ShowShifter is. Simply put, it works."

ShowShifterGroup works in tandem with the official ShowShifter website that has a wealth of information and further clarification on ShowShifter features, installation, configuration, and general information for media center users.

"It is flattering that our user community has taken the time to put together such a site to assist new and existing users of our popular media center software," commented Home Media Networks CEO John Croft. "ShowShifter is the first in the market to gain such widespread acceptance through the launch of such a site."

Evaluation versions of current English and international versions of ShowShifter can be downloaded from

About Home Media Networks Ltd
Home Media Networks Ltd is a company focused on the fast growing digital entertainment sector, producing software that runs on standard PC platforms to allow the user to watch, record and pause analogue and digital TV, play DVDs, and listen to MP3 music files. Its solution, ShowShifter, allows the user to pause a TV show to be replayed later and can be controlled remotely using a standard infrared remote control. Through unique FarView technology interaction works equally well close up or at a distance from the screen. ShowShifter is a replacement for TV, VCR, DVD and CD players in a traditional household, thus introducing numerous cost savings for the consumer. Home Media Networks Ltd is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK. ShowShifter can be downloaded from

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