I -O Data Integrates ViXS' XCode II Video Processor to Power TV Tuner Card

By leveraging ViXS' XCode II processor and technology, I-O Data will offer after-market TV tuners that enable consumers to upgrade their existing PCs with full personal video recorder (PVR) functionality.

TORONTO (January 13, 2005) - ViXS Systems, the leading developer of video processing and networking chipsets and software, today announced that I -O Data Device, Inc., a top -tier manufacturer of high -quality computer peripherals and interface products and the sales leader in Japan's large and fast growing market for video -related PC boards, has chosen the ViXS XCode II silicon video processor as the basis for its GV -MVP/GX single channel TV tuner card. By leveraging ViXS' XCode II processor and technology, I -O Data will offer after -market TV tuners that enable consumers to upgrade their existing PCs with full personal video recorder (PVR) functionality and unprecedented high -speed DVD recording capabilities.

XCode II is the only video processor that can encode and record captured video to removable media faster than real time. I -O Data's new GV -MVP/GX tuner card maximizes this high speed re -recording capability, giving consumers the power to take content stored on their hard drives and "burn" it to DVD at a blazing 6 -times the speed of the video itself in single tuner configurations. A one -hour video can be recorded to DVD in just minutes. No other TV tuner on the market features this speed of re -recording, allowing consumers to quickly and easily archive their favorite television shows or create discs to share content with friends.

"Our technology is ideal for consumers who want to create a personal collection of their favorite TV shows," said Sally Daub, president and chief executive officer of ViXS Systems. "XCode II's efficient encoding reduces DVD -quality video down to 2 Mbps for quickly recording many hours of content to a single disc. Leveraging this technology, I -O Data's new TV tuner enables consumers to affordably turn their existing PCs into multimedia PCs and begin collecting their permanent library of broadcast movies, sports events and entertainment programs."

In addition to giving consumers a quantum leap in DVD burning speed, XCode II allows users of the I -O Data GV -MVP/GX tuner board to re -record up to 50 percent more video content to DVD - as much as eight hours of video to a single disc. Moreover, the re -recording process has no impact on a PC's overall performance. Users can quickly burn DVDs while simultaneously doing other processor -intensive activities.

"We evaluated a number of video encoders in our selection process, but no other product matched the powerful combination of speed and video quality found in ViXS' X -Code II processor," said Mitsukane Kato, Product Manager, Entertainment Unit of I -O Data Device. "By integrating the GV -MVP/GX TV tuner card into their existing PCs, consumers can enjoy all the video functionality of the industry's newest high -end multimedia PCs, but at just a fraction of the price. I -O Data brings high -quality video management within the reach of the average consumer."

The ViXS TV Tuner Board Reference Design is based on the company's XCode II video processor, which allows for MPEG2 encoding as well as incorporates advanced noise filtering and 3D comb filtering features that deliver broadcast -quality video streams and artifact -free image quality at even the lowest bit rates, virtually eliminating the expected "high vs. low bit rate"
quality tradeoff. As a result, tuner card and PC OEMs benefit from improved video quality while minimizing their bill of material (BOM) and production costs. The tuner board also improves overall system performance since PCs no longer need to rely on the CPU for video processing. With the ViXS Dual TV Tuner Board, any PC can become a high -performance multimedia center.

I -O Data's GV -MVP/GX single channel TV tuner card featuring ViXS' XCode II technology will be available in Japan end of January 2005.

I -O DATA DEVICE, INC., is a top -tier manufacturer and provider of high -quality computer peripherals and interface products to the global consumer and OEM markets. Founded in 1976, by Mr. Akio Hosono, I -O DATA has received recognition as Japan`s undisputed market leader within the PC Peripheral industry. The name I -O DATA originates from the company`s dealings with Input/Ouput devices. I -O DATA is not only a manufacturer of such devices, but handles the design, development, production and distribution of their products.

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ViXS Systems has developed a unique semiconductor chipset and software solution with unprecedented capabilities for distributing broadcast -quality video across local IP -based wired and wireless networks. These products provide manufacturers of consumer electronics, personal computers and set -top boxes with a proven technology that operates with standards -based local networks.~ ViXS components offer full support for HDTV, DVD, satellite or cable broadcasts and deliver uninterrupted, full Quality of Service video for consumer entertainment, personal computing applications, and multimedia gateways. Founded in January 2001, the company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and has filed over 85 patents to date.

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