ELAN™ Expands VIA!®dj Family to Three Products and Enhances Current Model to Include iPod Download

Popular VIA!®dj Digital Music Server Now Addresses Full Range of Specialty Dealer and Client Needs With Added High Capacity and Single Output Models

LAS VEGAS, NV - ELAN™ Home Systems, a leading manufacturer of award -winning multi -room audio/video and home automation systems, announced today that the company has significantly expanded its VIA!® family of products with the addition of two new Digital Music Server models and has added many exciting features to its existing VIA!dj model. The announcement was made by Bob Farinelli, ELAN's President and Chief Technology Officer.

"Since its introduction, VIA!dj reception and sales have been extremely positive. It has received top honors from almost every major industry award program and has been selling beyond our projections. Now, complete with two additional models boasting the latest features available in the marketplace including faster ripping speed, and iPod download and networking capability, ELAN's VIA!dj products are setting whole new benchmarks for multi -room Digital Music Servers," said Mr. Farinelli.

Said Paul Starkey, ELAN's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "We have developed this family so our Dealers can offer the optimum multi -room music solutions at affordable prices that will address the individual needs of all of their Clients. This new family of VIA! products further illustrates our signature good/better/best approach to offering superior home system solutions."

The two new additions, the VIA!dj -s Single Output and the VIA!dj -hc High Capacity Digital Music Servers, have been developed to provide solutions for the entry level and upper echelon of the custom installation market respectively. The VIA!dj -hc includes all the features of the original VIA!dj, plus a large, high capacity, 250 Giga -byte hard drive that can store over 4,000 hours of digitized music. On the other end of the spectrum, the VIA!dj -s is targeted towards customers who want all the great benefits and features of the current, award -winning VIA!dj but only require one music stream at a time. This single audio stream can also be routed into multiple zones within a home, using additional equipment from ELAN.

Both models are plug -and -play compatible with the same ELAN products and broad range of interfaces as the current VIA!dj, including VIA! Touch Panels, Z Series Keypads and more, and include full RS -232 serial control for seamless whole house solutions.

In addition, the latest version of ELAN's proven easiest Dealer setup software, VIA!TOOLS, now includes updated setup routines to easily program and control these new models just as it has done for the original VIA!dj.

Additionally, many new must -have features and capabilities have been added to the current VIA!dj and the new products, including the "Digital Jukebox" feature, which allows users the ability to create a song list from their music collection that will play in the order the songs were entered. In the tradition of the classic American jukebox, users can add as many songs as they like to their ELAN VIA!dj Jukebox lists with ease.

Also new, all three can rip CDs at 20x real -time speed from its front CD tray, enabling users to add new music to their VIA!dj's hard drive faster than ever before.

With the country's rapid adoption of portable music phenomenon and, in particular, the popularity of the Apple iPod, ELAN has added an iPod compatibility feature to the VIA!djs that makes it possible for users to take all their favorite music wherever they go. This exciting feature is a natural fit to the VIA!dj family, and provides ELAN Customers with the new ability to leverage their best -of -breed music server and their music collections to the fullest.

And, for users who just can't get enough sound, the high capacity and the original VIA!dj have been upgraded to include a forth pair of analog audio outputs. On these, users can now listen to up to four independent streams of audio throughout the house, and use the extra digital audio output to access their entire music collection in their home theater.

The enhanced VIA!dj and the VIA!dj -s are currently shipping, and the VIA!dj -hc will begin shipping this month. Individual VIA!dj MSRPs range from $2350 up to $4499. A special promotional price of $1950 will be offered on the VIA!dj -s when purchased with an ELAN 6.4 Inch VIA! Touch Panel.

About ELAN Home Systems:

ELAN Home Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative, award -winning multi -room audio/video and home automation systems. Based in Lexington, KY, the company's systems were the first to integrate audio, video, phones and third -party products to create a seamless, easy -to -use "whole house" experience. The company's unique products provide complete lifestyle, feature -rich solutions, yet can be configured to fit the specific needs of every homeowner. ELAN products are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States, Canada and 58 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

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