Isys® Wall Mount touchpanel defines elegance and functionality

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, January 11, 2005 - The TPS -4000L is the latest offering in Crestron's broad line of Isys® touchpanels. The TPS -4000L is a state -the -art flush -mount touchpanel for lectern or wall mount installations featuring a vibrant 10.4" 640x480 touchscreen display. The touchpanel provides both a gorgeous full -color graphic control interface that supports high -resolution graphics and scalable video, and five engravable hard -buttons for quick access to commonly used functions.

The TPS -4000L offers the perfect size and elegant, modern design for corporate and residential applications, featuring a 10.4" screen that accommodates custom control screens for AV, drapes, lights, and climate controls. Bridging the gap between the more discrete 3.8" and 6" screens, and the larger 12" and 15" displays, the 10.4" TPS -4000L display makes a statement while blending in to the overall décor of the room.

The TPS -4000L accepts and scales any composite or S -Video source for display in any sized window including full screen. The video preview window can be used to preview movies in a home theater or, integrated with Creston's Video Intercom system, to monitor the nursery, front door or gate entrance. Advanced gamma correction and built -in time base correction ensure accurate color reproduction and a jitter -free image.

The Isys engine produces astonishing full -color graphics with lightning -fast performance and incredible versatility. A 32 -bit Motorola ColdFire® Microprocessor combines with an ultra efficient operating system to support high -resolution graphics and images, dynamic text, full -motion video, animation, multimode objects (buttons, frames, gauges, and sliders) and popup/dropdown sub -pages. Crestron's exclusive Synapse Image Rendering Algorithm enables system programmers to produce amazing graphics - faster and easier. Advanced anti -aliasing delivers crisper, sharper objects and text. Enhanced 3D effects add new depth and style.

The TPS -4000L provides easy flush -mount installation with a wide selection of mounting accessories including an optional back box and 19" rack mount kit. To accommodate a range of mounting heights, the display image may be inverted to attain the visibility under varying light conditions. ideal viewing angle. The built -in light sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness for optimal

For more information about the TPS -4000L or any Crestron tiltcase, tabletop, or flush -mount Isys touchpanel visit or call 1 -800 -237 -2041.

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