NXT Reports Continued Progress at CES 2005

This year's CES saw a number of NXT-enabled products make their debut, as licensees grasped the opportunity to utilize the show's early position in the calendar to introduce their latest NXT-based models.

Huntingdon, England, 10 January 2005: The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, once again provided NXT with the opportunity to demonstrate progress, and further underlined the commitment of the company's licensees.

This year's CES saw a number of NXT -enabled products make their debut, as licensees grasped the opportunity to utilize the show's early position in the calendar to introduce their latest NXT -based models, including:

* TEAC's MC -DX20B - a vertical loading 2.1 CD system utilizing NXT's flat panel technology for the two satellite speakers. Capable of MP3 playback, the system's black finish and motorized door loading mechanism are the perfect complement to the NXT technology the speakers employ.

* Sonic Impact demonstrated a range of NXT based products including a new version of the SI -5 speakers. Previously, the SI -5 comprised of a separate amplifier and two speakers, whereas the latest version integrates the amplifier into one of the speakers. Retailing at $59.95, Gen3, Sonic Impact's all -new speaker design, utilizes NXT technology to create simulated surround sound, perfect for audiovisual and multimedia equipment. Finally, the company has also launched its first NXT SoundBag, set to retail at $19.99.

* Maxell also increased its range of NXT speakers with the addition of a brand new 2.1 system, set to retail at a price point of $49.99.

Existing NXT enabled products, including the Philips Ambilight range of LCD TVs, KEF's KIT 100, and Mission's recently introduced M -cube system, continued to attract high levels of interest and attention at the show from both electronics retailers and the global media. The show also saw a number of NXT manufacturing licensees, including Billionsound, Eastech and Elac, highlighting their NXT capabilities to their customers.

During a media breakfast hosted by NXT at its suites at the Las Vegas Hilton, international journalists were given the chance to have a first view of some of the company's latest prototypes and in -market products, as well as meet NXT executives and engineers face to face. The highlight of the session saw NXT's CEO, David Pearson and Business Director, Graham Ryan, presented with the coveted 'Product of the Year' award for the company's second -generation Distributed Mode Actuator (DMA) by Electronic Products magazine from the US.

As well as showcasing a SoundVu enabled prototype LCD TV on the show floor, NXT also utilized CES to unveil a selection of its latest prototypes to existing and potential licensees in private meetings at the two demonstration suites. Similarly, several NXT partners took the opportunity to gauge industry reaction to their own NXT -based prototypes in 'behind closed doors' demonstrations.

Commenting on the show, NXT's CEO, David Pearson said, "CES has always proved to be a very successful exhibition for NXT, and this year's show has been no exception. We have been delighted by our licensees' genuine creativity of innovation, illustrated by the diversity of NXT products demonstrated both publicly and privately at the show. Combined with last week's announcement by NTT DoCoMo of the world's first NXT -enabled mobile phone, CES has provided an excellent springboard for further business progress in 2005.

About NXT's second generation DMA
NXT's second generation Distributed Mode Actuator (DMA) is the electromechanical component that makes flat speakers in small portable appliances possible. NXT's patented DMA uses a piezoelectric drive element in place of an electromagnetic one. Piezoelectric polycrystalline ceramics are smart, shape -changing materials, and when a voltage is applied across them, their length is altered allowing them to be used as actuators.

In mobile phones, NXT SoundVu uses the protective lens (display screen) as the speaker, eliminating need for the old -style speaker grille. As a result, new designs are possible, but more importantly, better quality sound can be produced, which has become more important with cell phone operation. The whole lens becomes the loudspeaker, so listening to a mobile phone becomes much easier as the problematic 'hot spot' effect caused by micro speakers no longer exists. Nor does the loudspeaker suffer from a beaming effect, which means the audio in hands -free operation is heard just as well when the handset is turned away from the user. In addition, second generation DMAs are more robust for packaging and handling than first generation components.

About NXT
NXT's business is the invention, patenting, licensing and marketing of enabling technologies in sound and touch. NXT is setting a new world -standard in loudspeakers. It offers a superior alternative to existing technologies across most product sectors while creating new opportunities where conventional technology has been unable to deliver. NXT has developed industry -specific expertise and is focused on helping its licensees advance product to market efficiently and cost effectively.

NXT has more than 250 licensees for its patented flat panel loudspeaker technology.

Licensees include 3M, Acer Computers, Armstrong, Authentic (mainly owned by NEC), Fujitsu Ten, Hosiden, Intier, KEF, LG Electronics, Mission, Philips, Pioneer, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Synaptics, TDK and Visteon. The company, which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol NTX), has a Technology Centre in Huntingdon, England, and operations in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and the USA.
For more information about NXT: www.nxtsound.com.

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