NAD L53 Integrated DVD/Receiver The Perfect Entertainment Solution

A compact, affordable entertainment system for both music and movies in one simple and stylish component


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NAD L53 Integrated DVD/Receiver The Perfect Entertainment Solution

A compact, affordable entertainment system for both music and movies in one simple and stylish component

CES 2005, Las Vegas, NV. Jan. 6, 2005 -NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio/video components, announces their most affordable lifestyle product, the L 53 DVD/Receiver, a simplified approach to home entertainment during CES 2005 in Las Vegas today.

The L53 may well be the perfect solution for people who demand superb performance combined with elegant style and simple operation. Whether your primary interest is listening to music, or if your enjoyment comes from watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters, the L53 is fully up to the task.

Designed to complement today's advanced video displays, the L53's gleaming Titanium finish and elegant proportions make a sophisticated design statement and NAD has made no performance compromises in their quest for convenience and style.

The L 53 is all about the music, first and foremost with an integrated 50 (x 2) watt, full -disclosure rated, amplifier. Despite its physical size, the L 53 is more than powerful enough to provide a satisfying musical performance. Whether relaxing to your favorite CDs or rocking to the latest hits, the L53 delivers NAD's signature sonic performance that has made them one of the most renowned audio/video component manufacturers in the world.

What makes the L53 unique to other lifestyle stereo components is the addition of a DVD player, which supports DVD -Video, VCD, CD, CD -R, CD -RW, and MP -3 disks. The integrated MP -3 decoder is capable of delivering more than 10 hours of music from a single MP -3 encoded CD -R. The DVD section features progressive scan via the Component Video output.

Ideal for the space conscious, discriminating buyer who prefers not to fill their space with speakers, L 53 is capable of providing the movie lover high impact audio for today's dynamic movie soundtracks with the built -in SRS 3D circuitry that emulates surround sound using only a pair of loudspeakers.

The L 53 is extremely simple and straightforward to set up and operate with a wide range of DVD features such as Multi -Angle*; Multi -Sound*; Multi -Subtitle*; Frame; Zoom and Repeat. The Frame Advance feature advances the picture one frame at a time and the 6 step Zoom function highlights and enlarges a particular area of the frame.

The AM/FM tuner includes 30 favorite station presets that can be custom named, or if the station supports the Radio Data System (RDS) an automatic stream of information about the station and music being played is displayed.

The L 53 can be used with any high quality video display using the supplied
Component, Composite, and S -Video outputs. There are two digital inputs (one optical, one coaxial) for additional sources. For a digital connection to a CD recorder or other digital recording device, the L 53 sports an optical digital output. Taking the L 53 a step further than many other compact designs it is equipped with high quality loudspeaker binding posts.

As one would expect from NAD, only high quality components have been used, such as high resolution ADCs (Analogue -to -Digital Converter) and DACs (Digital -to -Analogue Converter) from renowned manufacturer Crystal, to obtain the best possible performance.. While most products in this category use digital IC amplifier modules, NAD's discrete output design allows them to achieve their exceptional specification with regard to noise ( -105dB S/N ratio) and distortion (.08% THD).

All features are easily accessed with the supplied HTR -2 L53 Learning Remote. It can operate your TV, VCR, satellite or cable tuner, and almost any other IR remote controlled device. The logical layout and illuminated keys make operating you're A/V system straightforward and enjoyable, and the HTR -L53, with its ability to learn the remote commands of up to eight different devices, eliminates the clutter of multiple remote handsets.

The L 53 DVD/Receiver can be seen in NAD's Hospitality Suite 1028 at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2005. The L 53 is currently shipping with the suggested retail price of $599.


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