From a receiver based system to the ultimate in separates, the choice is clear

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV, January 6, 2005 - Lexicon's impressive line of consumer audio products is extensive, with a series of products available to suit a range of applications and budgets. You can build a receiver based system with just two products, or aim higher as your needs dictate, up to the ultimate Lexicon system, offering unparalleled performance.

All systems
At the heart of any system, you need a high -quality source component that will play all kinds of disc formats, and the RT -10 is just that. You don't need to worry whether it's DVD -Audio or SACD, CD or DVD -Video: just put it into the tray and press 'play'. The RT -10 Disc Player is a high -quality universal disc player designed to play virtually any of the 5" optical media discs available today. It supports CD (including CD -R, CD -RW, Video CD, S -VCD and MP -3), DVD (including DVD -Video, DVD -Audio, DVD -R and DVD -RW), and SACD (stereo and multi -channel). Combining leading -edge audio and video technology, impressive analog circuitry and an ample array of rear panel connectors, the RT -10 is at home in the finest music and cinema playback systems.

A superior starter system
Take the RT -10 and add an RV -8 eight -channel receiver, and you have an excellent surround starter system - just add the speakers and display of your choice. Based on the critically acclaimed line of Lexicon preamplifiers/processors and power amplifiers, the RV -8 was designed from the ground up with the enthusiast in mind. The massive power amplifier section outputs 140 Watts on each of its 7 channels across the entire audible spectrum, with all 7 channels driven simultaneously. It does so while retaining remarkable transparency, wide dynamic range and sonic neutrality. The RV -8 delivers real power that makes many stand -alone multi -channel power amplifiers blush. Mated with an exceptional preamp/processor utilizing the latest algorithms, including LOGIC7?, and an intuitive user interface, the RV -8 can be viewed as premium quality "separates" that happen to share the same chassis.

A step up…
Again, take the RT -10 disc player, but this time, add the MC -4 Digital Controller. Based on the reference MC -12, the MC -4 Digital Controller is perfectly suited for less complex multi -channel systems in which sound quality, picture quality, ease -of -use and reliability are still of paramount importance. Combine this with your choice of the CX -7 or CX -5 amplifier, and you have a superb system with the flexibility of separate components. The CX -7 and CX -5 are high -performance power amplifiers, and are designed to meet the highest standards of power and performance under even the most extreme operating conditions. Equipped with advanced thermal, current, DC and speaker protection, the CX amplifiers deliver exceptional and reliable performance with most loudspeakers, including mismatched, reactive and unusual loads. In addition, the CX amplifiers include protection against short circuits, component failures, miswiring and internal faults.

Change one component…
…and you have an even more impressive system. Replace the controller in the above example with the MC -8, and you add versatility, flexibility and a world of additional possibilities. Also based on the reference MC -12 digital controller, the MC -8 Digital Controller is perfectly suited for less complex multi -channel systems, but shines where you need additional facilities and capabilities. Or you could replace the CX power amplifier with an LX power amplifier and provide a simple but powerful solution.

The gold envelope, please…
If your goal is the ultimate audio system that only Lexicon can offer, then consider this. Take the RT -10 player, and this time add the ultimate controller: the MC -12 Version 4 EQ. With the release of the MC -12 V4 EQ upgrade, Lexicon has raised the bar for automatic room equalization, providing a solution that demonstrably improves the sound quality of the listening experience. It is a simple and effective way to make rooms sound better: easy to operate and requiring only a small amount of user interaction to achieve superior results. The V4 EQ upgrade is powerful tool that allows the user to find and correct for problematic low frequencies in the listening space using thorough and advanced room analysis techniques, and is completely integrated with existing processing so that no additional A/D/A conversion is required. V4 EQ also doubles the amount of processing available to the MC -12, and provides up to 7 filters per channel for up to 10 output channels. Four microphones, designed to meet Lexicon's stringent requirements for room analysis, enable optimization for the entire listening area. The Lexicon MC -12 V4 EQ upgrade provides exceptional results without the need for extra equipment or additional analyses.

Couple that with your choice of LX Series amplification. Built to Lexicon standards, the LX Series Power Amplifiers establish a new benchmark for home theater amplifiers. An unbeatable combination of sound quality, power, flexibility and reliability makes the LX Series amplifiers at home in virtually any system. The THX Ultra® -certified LX amplifiers offer high power output that can be configured for almost any home theater installation. The LX -7 has seven 200 -Watt channels and the LX -5 has five 200 -Watt channels. Channel pairs can be bridged to provide 400 Watts in addition to the remaining 200 -Watt channels. Heavy -duty loudspeaker binding posts, single -ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs are available on both models.

Now sit back, relax… and enjoy the sound of Lexicon.

Lexicon, founded in 1971, is one of the world's premier manufacturers of home theater electronics. Innovative technologies, such as LOGIC7®, have helped Lexicon to push the boundaries of home entertainment. Lexicon audio systems are also available in the Rolls -Royce Motor Cars Phantom, and LOGIC7 is utilized in select models from BMW and Mercedes.

Lexicon is a division of Harman International, Inc. Harman International (www.harman.com) is a leading manufacturer of high quality electronics and speakers for the consumer, professional, and OEM markets. The company's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HAR.

"Lexicon" is a registered trademark of Harman International Industries. U.S. patents and other worldwide patents issued and pending. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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