APC Expands its A/V Line with New Power Conditioning Units

APC's New Audio/Video Systems Provide Power Conditioning Including Surge Protection, Noise Filtering, and Automatic Voltage Regulation for Under $400

American Power Conversion Expands Its Audio/ Video Line with New Power Conditioning Units Offering "Best -In -Class" Protection

APC's New Audio/Video Systems Provide Power Conditioning Including Surge Protection, Noise Filtering, and Automatic Voltage Regulation for Under $400

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. - January 6, 2004 - American Power Conversion (Nasdaq: APCC) (APC) today announced an expansion of its Audio/Video (AV) line with the introduction of APC A/V H10 and H15 Power Conditioners designed for performance home entertainment centers. Only APC offers A/V power protection units that provide full power conditioning including surge protection, noise filtering, and automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to optimize the system's sound and video performance. Unstable power can destroy component power supplies and negatively impact sound and video quality. The H10 and H15 help eliminate power anomalies that threaten home entertainment component hardware and A/V signal integrity.

"With the proliferation of home entertainment systems, finding a cost -effective power conditioning solution that eliminates sound and video degradation has been challenging for consumers. In our opinion, consumers should not have to go without performance power conditioning and related features due to high cost," said Joe Loberti, general manager of APC's Consumer Networks Solutions Group. "These factors led us to create the A/V H10 and H15 line of power conditioning units that include surge protection, noise filtering and AVR at a price point considerably less than solutions currently available on the market. The expansion of our A/V line with these models signifies our continued commitment to the research and development of high quality, integrated, and complete power conditioning and protection for the A/V market."

Both the H10 and H15 feature a total of twelve surge -protected and filtered outlets, ensuring complete protection for all components. Six of these outlets have EMI/RFI noise filtering for digital devices such as HDTV monitors, Digital Video Recorders, satellite dishes, and DVD players. They also offer two analog, two video, and two high current (amplifier, subwoofer) filtered outlets.

The input plugs are set at a 45 -degree angle and flat to ensure they do not block the outlet below and do not stick out from the wall. This allows the user to plug an additional device in the unused outlet and ensures the equipment can be pushed up to the wall and not stand out into the room.

In addition, these units provide component -specific noise filtering banks to prevent video and audio signal distortion. Automatic Voltage Regulation eliminates voltage fluctuations (i.e. brownouts, sags, over -voltages) as a source of A/V signal degradation. Other A/V features include sequenced turn on/off functionality that regulates the way audio equipment is powered up/down. This feature prevents equipment damage caused by not turning A/V components on and off in the correct order. Both models also offer inductor -less filtering for high current components, DC Voltage triggering, LCD display screen with dimming (H15 only), and a high quality fit and brushed aluminum finish that will fit into any home theater collection.

APC's A/V Power Conditioners include an Equipment Protection Policy (EPP). If properly connected equipment is damaged due to the failure of APC's H10 or H15, APC will pay to repair or replace that equipment regardless of cost (see policy for details). Unlike typical homeowner`s insurance policies, APC`s EPP does not require paying premiums and is good for life. Both models also come standard with a five -year product warranty.

The H10 and H15 will be available March 2005 in North America. The H10 and H15 will have estimated resale prices of $299.99 and $399.99.
For more information about APC and other innovative A/V power protection and conditioning solutions please call 800 -877 -4080 or visit www.apcav.com.

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