Adimos has the Answer for Wireless Connectivity in the Home

ADM100 Processor to Drive Mass Adoption of Cost Effective, High Quality Wireless Multimedia Home Connectivity

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) - - Adimos, a leading provider of semiconductors for wireless home networking, announces the introduction of the ADM100, a wireless multimedia processor enabling low cost, high quality wireless connectivity in home entertainment products.

Adimos is offering the ADM100 to manufacturers in order to facilitate mass -market adoption of wireless networking in the home. A number of global CE OEM's in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Korea have already chosen ADM100 - based solutions to embed into their appliances.

This new semiconductor technology delivers the highest quality multimedia transmission over a wireless channel between any multimedia source (DVD, VCR, Set -top Box, and Media Servers) and a multimedia display (i.e., plasma TV, LCD TV, home projectors, projection TV, etc.). The ADM100 multimedia processor and QoS engine directly manage compression, control and security to provide wireless retransmission of broadcasts, whether standard or high definition, over the longest range currently possible.

"Adimos has demonstrated an acute understanding of our business," said Mr. Jay Cheng, CEO of GigaFast. "Their team has worked closely and diligently with GigaFast to introduce a line of products that retrofit existing CE products for wireless transmission in advance of a full product line of CE networking products."

"The home entertainment industry is currently experiencing intense consumer demand for wireless multimedia solutions," said Adimos CEO Sandeep Kumar. "As home entertainment technology becomes more advanced, consumers want to connect entertainment systems, TVs and PCs wirelessly. ADM100 based products will drive the elimination of messy cables currently in use and provide seamless connectivity in the home."

Designed to work with standard video and wireless chipsets, the ADM100 allows manufacturers to implement low -cost, stand alone modules, or embed transmit -and -receive modules into home entertainment products. Multiple ADM100 -based, production -ready reference designs from Adimos provide a fast time to market solution for OEM's.

About Adimos

Adimos develops wireless connectivity solutions for home consumer electronics. The Company's IC's and production ready Wireless Video reference designs allow broadcast quality multimedia to be transmitted over a wireless channel between a source such as DVD player or satellite receiver, and a flat screen TV or other receiver. Adimos reference designs and integrated software provide guaranteed Quality of Service for high -quality wireless video, providing consumer electronics OEMs with a complete, "end -to -end" solution for wireless multimedia transmission. Reference designs are available in several configurations, offering OEMs production -ready, cost -effective designs for rapid introduction into a wide variety of consumer products. For more information, visit

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