D-BOX® Technology, Inc. (TSXV : DBO.A) adds to their patented line-up of motion simulator products with the introduction of Quest™


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With Pricing Starting Around $5K, D -BOX Brings Their First Line of Mainstream Motion Simulator Seating To The Home Theater Market.

Las Vegas, NV - CES Jan 6 - 9, LVCC South, Booth # 25212 - D -BOX® Technology, Inc. (TSXV : DBO.A) adds to their patented line -up of motion simulator products with the introduction of Quest™. An affordable alternative to their award winning Odyssee® motion simulator products, Quest integrates a 2 -axis motion simulator system into an exquisitely designed reclining theater chair or loveseat for the ultimate home theater experience.

Motion simulation brings the excitement of home theater to an entirely new, immersive level by providing dramatic, realistic motion that is perfectly synchronized with the onscreen action and sound. Quest chairs and loveseats integrate a pair of direct -drive actuators that move and lift the seating with up to 2Gs of acceleration to transform you from mere viewer to participant. D -BOX spends an average of two weeks encoding a single movie with their proprietary F/X motion codes and its library of over 400 movie titles grows at the rate of about 10 -12 titles per month. Among the newer titles available are Spider -Man 2, The Chronicles of Riddick, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Shrek 2.

Quest seating can be controlled two ways - with the Series 3 Kinetron™ controller, or with a Motion Controller Interface (MCI) and PC -based software, both of which offer Internet subscription updates to the growing collection of D -BOX F/X motion codes. Both control systems include D -BOX's F/X Motion Code Volume 1 with 100 titles. Additional volumes of 100 titles each are also available.

Even the most raucous motion cannot distract from a seat that is uncomfortable. That's why D -BOX went to great lengths to create seating that is not only visually appealing, but comfortable. Both the recliner and loveseat feature manual or motorized "wall -hugger" recliner mechanisms and can be covered in six different NuSuede colors or ten different shades of 100% premium leather. Non -activated seating is also available and can be outfitted at a later date with Quest motion components. Each chair and loveseat frame is rigidly fabricated from hardwood solids and 13 -ply European hardwood plywood with metal -to -metal fasteners to withstand the substantial motional forces created by the direct -drive actuators.

MSRP of Quest™ Integrated Motion Simulated Seating begins at $5,299 for a single chair with manual recline covered in NuSuede, to $10,299 for a loveseat with motorized recline covered in premium leather. MSRP of non -activated seating begins at $1,699 and goes up to $6,199. MSRP of the add -on, field -installable motion simulator system is $4,499. MSRP of the PC -based Motion Controller Interface (MCI) and Windows® software is $799. MSRP of the Series 3 Kinetron™ Controller with 40 -GB hard drive is $2,999. MSRP of F/X Motion Code Vol. 1, 2, 3, & 4 are $250/each. All prices given are US. Software and most seating will be available January 1, 2005.

D -BOX® Technology, Inc. (TSXV : DBO.A) conceives, manufactures and markets motion simulators capable of generating movement that is perfectly synchronized with onscreen images and sounds from movies. For further information concerning D -BOX® Technology, Inc. and its products, please visit our website at www.d -box.com. D -BOX® and Odyssee® are registered trademarks and Quest™ and Kinetron™ are trademarks of D -BOX® Technology, Inc.

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