silex will demonstrate for the first time its line of USB device servers, and as a basis for direct wireless communication between a PC and sewing machine at the Innovations Plus pavilion of CES in Las Vegas January 6-9 in booth IP533

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2005 -silex technology america, Inc. today announced it will demonstrate for the first time several of the latest vertical applications of its line of USB device servers including network attached scanners, secure printing, and as a basis for direct wireless communication between a PC and sewing machine at the Innovations Plus pavilion of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 6 -9 in booth IP533.

These applications represent just some of the many applications silex's USB device servers provide. The full line of device servers will connect nearly any USB device directly to a network.

"From our high performance 4 -port USB 2.0 Hi -Speed device server to our newly announced affordable single port SX -1000U version, silex is the leading USB networking provider," said David Smith, president silex technology america. "These flexible product offerings provide an almost unlimited number of applications. Whether it's connecting a scanner to the network, or connecting a sewing machine wirelessly to a PC, our device servers make it easier than ever for people to share USB products over the network.

Network Scanners

One of the most compelling applications for device servers is the ability to connect a scanner directly to a network.

Companies today require the use of scanners for document imaging more than ever before. Especially those required to comply with the Sarbanes -Oxley Act of 2002, which was enacted in response to the high -profile financial scandals of the time to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise.

The Act states that all business records, including electronic records and electronic messages, must be saved for "not less than five years." Imaging on networked scanners to save, store, and secure documents is one of the best ways IT personnel within companies of all sizes can comply with this important legislation.

Traditionally, scanners could only be used with a dedicated PC -a user would have to go to the PC, use the scanner, and either email the image to their own computer or place it on removable storage media. This is cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient.

With a silex SX -5000U2 USB 2.0 Hi -Speed 4 -port device server, nearly any USB scanner can quickly and easily be connected directly to a network, providing everyone with an easy network scanning experience.

Secure Printing

It is commonplace today that a wide range of workers access, view or work on sensitive documents. The difficulty arises in printing the document. Typically where a printer is shared, once the print command is activated, it becomes a race to the printer to make sure unauthorized eyes do not view the document.

SecurePrint™ allows an individual to send a document to a printer. The printer, however, will not print the job until the user places his or her pre -enrolled finger on a silex fingerprint reader at the printer. Once this is done, all the users' queued documents print out creating the "For my eyes only" privacy that workers, managers and executives need when utilizing a network printer.

SecurePrint utilizes a silex SX -5000U2 device server that connects a USB printer to the network and connects a silex FUS -200 fingerprint reader.

Wireless Communication with Sewing Machines

It seems today that technology touches every aspect of daily life. Though current sewing machines are technological wonders in -and -of themselves, one hardly associates sewing machines as a wireless peripheral to a PC. Yet, wireless communications with sewing machines is now a reality with the simple -to -use StitchLink device server -specially designed to meet the unique connectivity needs of sewing machine users.

When StitchLink is attached to the sewing machine it becomes wirelessly available to the PC for seamless communications. It eliminates messy cables between the PC and sewing machine and enables the wireless access of software, firmware upgrades and patterns.

StitchLink has been tested with most popular USB enabled sewing machines and is as simple to use as a direct connection using a cable or network.

silex Device Servers

SX -1000U USB Device Server -In a separate announcement, silex today also announced the availability of its newest USB device server -the SX -1000U. The SX -1000U is a one -port device server that will also connect nearly any USB device to a network, but is especially suited for connecting today's popular multi -function printers. It has an MSRP of $99.

SX -5000U2 -The SX -5000U2 is a four -port USB 2.0 Hi -Speed device server designed to connect a variety of USB devices directly to a network. Connecting up to nine devices (with a USB hub), it is the first USB 2.0 Hi -Speed device server available. It has an MSRP of $229.

SX -3700WB -As the numbers of wireless networks continue to grow due to the low cost and convenience they provide, wireless connectivity products become increasingly important. The SX -3700WB is the first single -port wireless device server connecting any networkable USB peripheral to the network. The wireless parameter setting can also be configured easily with a USB thumb storage drive. It has an MSRP of $179.

StitchLink -A growing number of sewing enthusiasts and professionals are transmitting software, firmware upgrades and patterns directly to their sewing machines. StitchLink provides a wireless communication connection between sewing machines and PCs eliminating cords and removable storage needs, and allowing the computer to be placed anywhere that is convenient. It will be available in early 2005 and has an MSRP of $249.


All silex device servers will be on display during CES and are available immediately through all silex resellers and from select retail outlets nationwide (StitchLink will be available in early 2005).

About silex technology america

silex technology america, Inc. is a subsidiary of silex technology, Inc. (JASDAQ:6679), a 30 -year developer of systems, developer of external and embedded device -device connectivity products and biometric readers and software. silex has become one of the largest global suppliers of print server products over the past 10 years, and also offers a full line of biometric fingerprint devices. silex technology america is focused on offering leading edge print servers, device servers, and fingerprint security devices that help enterprises, small to medium businesses and individuals improve the way they move data, print, and secure information. For additional information, call (801) 747 -0656 or go to or


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