Phase Technology's New In -Wall Speaker Provides Two -in -One Performance

Innovative Home Speaker Manufacturer's New CI-150 Speaker Combines Center and L/R Channels in a Single In-Wall Model for Groundbreaking Home Theater Design Flexibility

JACKSONVILLE, FL - January 5, 2005 - Phase Technology, the leading manufacturer of high -fidelity speakers for custom home entertainment systems, is introducing the newest addition to its respected Custom Installation series of in -wall and in -ceiling speakers at CES 2005. The CI -150 is the first in -wall speaker to combine in a single model the functions of a center channel theater speaker and the L/R channel speaker. The new design allows custom installers to mount a speaker on each side of a home theater video display, yet produce all the sound quality and accuracy of a third, center -channel speaker. The CI -150 will be displayed along with Phase Technology's all -digital home theater speaker system, custom in -ceiling, outdoor speakers, and more, in Booth #20707 in the Las Vegas Convention Center's South Hall 1.

"Phase Technology's new CI -150 in -wall speaker opens up completely new possibilities for custom installers who want more flexibility in designing a high -performance home theater," said Ken Hecht, president of Phase Technology. "One pair of CI -150's gives listeners all the performance of two L/R speakers as well as a center channel speaker, while maintaining a more seamless aesthetic effect. This is the perfect solution for customers whose theater doesn't have space for a center channel speaker, or for those who simply prefer the streamlined look of one speaker on either side of their video display."

Each CI -150 features two 5 -1/4" woofers and a 1" soft dome tweeter that function as the left or right channel, as well as another 5 -1/4" woofer and 1" tweeter that performs as one half of the center channel speaker. With another CI -150 operating in tandem, viewers experience center channel sound as produced by the perfectly matched pairs of woofers and tweeters, while each speaker's left and right drivers operate discretely from one another. As an in -wall speaker, the CI -150 provides outstanding sound in a subtle design that puts the sound in the spotlight and won't take away from the effect of the existing décor.

The CI -150 comes with its own aluminum enclosure, features a 1" MDF baffle, and utilizes Phase Technology's patented Positive Clamping™ system to ensure the speakers perform without any unwanted vibration. As with all of Phase Technology speakers, it also incorporates the patented Absolute Phase™ crossover, which produces a balanced soundstage for each listener, regardless of their location in the room. The CI -150 will be available in the second quarter of 2005.

About Phase Technology

Phase Technology Corporation (toll -free at 888 -PHASE TK; website at is one of the few fully -vertically integrated American speaker manufacturers. The company started as United Speaker Systems in 1955 as an original equipment manufacturer and still designs and produces its own sub -assemblies in -house. Phase Technology's speaker lines incorporate many proprietary innovations like the soft -dome tweeter, the industry's standard invented by Bill Hecht, founder of Phase Technology. Other patents cover the self -damping woofer voice coil, the manufacturing process for flat -piston midrange drivers and woofers, silicone -injected drivers for resonance damping, and the positive -clamping mounting system for the premier in -wall Model CI -110/II. The company also developed the Unicell™ Zero -Diffraction treatment that reduces acoustic reflections off cabinet and grille surfaces. Phase Technology manufactures its wood cabinets by hand and performs quality control tests at every step of the fabrication process.

Building on five decades of design and engineering innovation in the manufacture of high quality, yet affordable speakers, Phase Technology supports its products with a 10 -year warranty on speakers, while amplifiers are backed by a 3 -year warranty. Phase Technology's digital home theater, audiophile, outdoor, in -wall/in -ceiling custom installation speakers, as well as powered and in -wall subwoofers are constructed at the company's Jacksonville, Florida facility.

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