LG's Flatron L1730S Monitor Receives Top Honors in Computer Components Category



LG's Flatron L1730S Monitor Receives Top Honors
in Computer Components Category

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2005 - Underscoring its growing U.S. brand presence and reputation for innovation, LG Electronics has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for commitment to design and technical excellence.
The company is being honored with 16 prestigious "CES 2005 Innovations" awards - more than any other company worldwide - across multiple categories, including Digital Display, Home Theater, Video Components, Computer Components, Computer Accessories, Home Appliance and Wireless Communications.
A unique new 17 -inch liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor received top honors with a "Best of Innovations" award in the Computer Components category. The company also received 15 "Innovations 2005 Design and Engineering Showcase" awards. Winning entries will be showcased this week at the 2005 CES in Las Vegas.
CES Innovations Awards are selected annually by a panel of prominent industry designers, engineers and journalists, who judge more than 750 product entries on a number of criteria including user value, aesthetics, innovative design, quality and contributions to the quality of life. Sponsored by CEA and endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America, the Innovations Awards highlight product advancements in technology design and engineering.
This high -profile industry recognition is consistent with LG Electronics' growing global leadership positioning in consumer electronics, home appliances, information technology products and mobile phones, and validates the company's commitment to
providing a wide array of innovative products for the U.S. market. The following LG Electronics products received 2005 Innovations Awards:

Flatron L1730S LCD Monitor with f -ENGINE: In addition to being honored with a CES 2005 Innovation Award, LG's Flatron L1730S received the "Best of Innovation" award in the Computer Components product category, receiving the judges' highest scores in the category. Model L1730S is the first product with LG's revolutionary f -ENGINE technology. The f -ENGINE picture -enhancing chip alters the relationship between brightness and contrast resulting in the sharpest, brightest, most true -to -life images available today. With a quick 12ms response time, the L1730S is an ideal unit for gaming and multimedia applications. Available now. Suggested retail price: $499.

Ultra Silent DLP Projector: Model RD -JT91 is the world's quietest projector with an audible noise level of only 25 decibels in silent mode. The RD -JT91 also features DLP technology providing users with the highest quality images in its class. Available now. Suggested retail price: $999.

60 -inch Plasma HDTV with Built -in DVR: Model 60PY2DR has a built -in digital video recorder for recording HD programming. Driven by LG's exclusive XD EngineTM, this 60 -inch PDP provides consumers with better overall picture quality and viewing experience. With built -in CableCARD capabilities, the 60PY2DR displays brilliant HDTV images without the need for a separate cable box. The unit offers four solutions to combat burn -in, more than any competitor. Not only does the unit have the ability to correct burn -in, it offers two features that help to prevent it from ever occurring. Available second -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

55 -inch LCD HDTV: Model 55LP1D boasts 1920x1080p ultra -HD resolution - the highest available. With LG's exclusive XD EngineTM, this LCD provides crisp, brilliant images. The unit also incorporates LG's proprietary Super In -Plane -Switching (Super IPS) - which provides a 176 -degree viewing angle, the widest in the market, and fast response time to decrease blurred fast motion images often seen on LCDs during sporting events. Available third -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

23 -Inch Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor with Built -in DVD Player: Model 23LX1RV provides a space -saving display/DVD player combo. Driven by LG's exclusive XD EngineTM, this 23 -inch LCD displays vivid images. With Super In -Plane -Switching technology, users can view the LCD from different angles without loss of color or image. Super IPS allows for a 176 -degree viewing angle, the widest on the market. This unit is a larger cousin of LG's popular 17 -inch LCD with built -in DVD player. Available 2005. Suggested retail price: $1,799.

62 -Inch DLP Rear -Projection HDTV: Model 62SY2D boasts 1920x1080p ultra -HD resolution, the highest resolution available on the market. With built -in CableCARD capabilities, the 62SY2D displays brilliant HDTV images without the need for a separate cable box. Also integrated in the unit is LG's proven 5th -generation ATSC tuner. Available 2005. Suggested retail price: $4,499.
30 -Inch Direct -View Slim CRT HDTV: Model 30FS1D provides a slimmer depth than traditional CRTs. Driven by LG's exclusive XD EngineTM, this 30 -inch CRT provides consumers with better overall picture quality and viewing experience. The unit boasts an NTSC/ATSC tuner, allowing users to receive unscrambled digital cable plus over -the -air broadcast of all format DTV signals and creating an integrated HDTV. Available third -quarter 2005. Suggested retail price: $1,299.

DVD Player with HDMI HD Output: Model LDA -511 is a high definition DVD player that has the ability to upconvert all DVD signals to 1080i (more than a thousand lines of horizontal resolution) via HDMI output. It has a slim design and a vacuum loading DVD slot. The unit is also has the ability to playback all DVD formats. With a height of only 1.37 -inches tall, the DVD player conveniently fits in slim spaces. Available second -quarter 2005. Suggested retail price: $199.

Television Refrigerator: Model LRSC26980 is a unique side -by -side refrigerator that includes a cable -ready, 13.5 -inch LCD television screen in the door, with FM radio, stereo speakers and a cable -ready TV tuner. In addition to its innovative and stylish cosmetics, the LG Television Refrigerator's built -in LCD helps address space concerns facing some of today's consumers. Available now. Suggested retail price: $3,200.

A7110 Slide -Design Mobile Phone: Model A7110 has a sleek slide design and silver color, highlighted by the full color LCD screen. The A7110 also features EDGE class 10 capabilities for High -Speed Data Transmission, Mobile Instant Messenger, two -way short messaging services and photo caller -ID. Its integrated camera and advanced messaging features allow users to send photos and videos with personalized text, voice and/or sound. Available first -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

MM -535 1.3 Megapixel Camera Phone: Model MM -535 uses a unique sliding form factor and offers many advanced features, including a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, video capability and streaming media. The MM -535 also offers a full color LCD screen, speakerphone, stereo sound and external storage for downloaded media as well as photo and video clips. Available first -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

VX4700 Push -to -Talk Mobile Phone: Model VX4700 handset debuts as LG's first handset with Push -to -Talk capability as LG joins the ranks of handset manufacturers integrating this
practical feature into their most advanced and high -tech handsets. The VX4700 also features complete voice command and driving modes, for a truly hands -free and safe way to operate the mobile phone while driving. The VX4700's color screen, speakerphone and enhanced messaging services rounds out a comprehensive package of the practical features that users demand for their mobile lifestyles. Available first -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

VX6100 Camera Phone: The successor to LG's bestselling VX6000 camera phone, model VX6100 features all the great things users loved about the VX6000 with the addition of more advanced capabilities. The VX6100 features an integrated VGA camera with flash, a one -touch dedicated camera function that lets users take pictures even when the phone is closed, and the image adjustment features that let photographers perfect their photos, including white balance, color effects and resolution and file quality options. Available now. Suggested retail price: $149.
VX7000 Video Mobile Phone: Model VX7000 embodies all the latest trends in mobile phone technology, taking the camera phone to a new level with video capability and rotating lens. All of this advanced technology is wrapped up in LG's trademark slim clamshell design and a sleek black finish, complete with the LG standard features that no mobile phone user should be without, including speed dialing, personal organizer, large address book (500 entries), voice dialing and MIDI sound. Available now. Suggested price: $249.

VX8000 EVDO Mobile Phone: Model VX8000 EVDO handset is the pinnacle of a visual entertainment handset, enhanced by the high -speed data capabilities of EVDO technology. The VX8000 features Video and Music on Demand for streaming, downloading and playing video and audio clips, Video Messaging capabilities and an integrated CCD 1.3 mega pixel camera with macro mode with four digital zoom settings for shooting video and still images. Users can compose and view their shots with large internal and external 262K TFT color LCD screens, and circulate them with Enhanced and Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). The VX8000 also includes the long list of standard features users have come to expect from LG, including 500 contact phone book, MIDI sound, personal organizer and more. Available first -quarter 2005. Price: TBD.

Based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., LG Electronics USA, Inc., (LGEUS) is the North
American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc. LGEUS's key product areas - consumer electronics, home appliances, information technology products and mobile phones - are designed to deliver on the promise of its "LG: Life's Good" 2005 marketing theme. For more information, please visit www.lgusa.com.

LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 06657.KS), headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, was established in 1958 and has grown into a global force in electronics, information and communications products with annual total revenues of US $29.9 billion (consolidated). With more than 64,000 employees working in 73 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world, LG Electronics is comprised of four main business companies including Digital Display, Digital Media, Digital Appliance, and Mobile Communications.

LG Electronics' goal worldwide is to create and enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers' lives better than ever. For more information please visit www.lge.com.

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