Highest Scores In The Audio Components Category Earn The Krell Trio `Best Of Innovations` Honor

Las Vegas, NV - CES Jan 6 - 9, LVCC South 2, Booth # 26111 & 25705 - Krell Industries, the premier manufacturer of high -end audio equipment, was recently presented with the prestigious 2005 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for the Trio. In addition to being named an Innovations honoree, the Krell Trio also received one of the highest scores in the Audio Components category and was recognized as the "Best of Innovations" in that classification.

"Krell is pleased to be granted such a remarkable award ", comments Bill McKiegan, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. "The Krell mission continues to be the introduction of high -end audio components known for innovative engineering and outstanding audio reproduction. The Best of Innovations award exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing the industry by offering an unparalleled option for listening entertainment."

At CEDIA 2004, Krell Industries introduced the Trio, the first high -end, networked tuner for the home automation industry. Aptly named the Trio due to its three source, three zone output capability, the Trio combines legendary Krell sophistication and build -quality with an AM/FM and XM Satellite Radio tuner, as well as the ability to stream Internet radio over a wireless network.

The Krell Trio features an all balanced circuitry design with balanced outputs for the highest possible playback quality from analog and digital broadcast sources. The Trio is also the first high -end tuner of its kind to feature wireless capability - Internet radio can be streamed to the Trio over an 802.11G WiFi network.

The base unit of the Trio features and AM/FM tuner and is built on a modular design for those customers not looking to make the initial jump into satellite radio or WiFi capability. XM and wireless capability can be added at any time to the Trio via a simple hardware install.

The Krell Trio is easily integrated into a new or existing automated system using its bi -directional RS -232 output. In addition to offering full control and programming of the Trio, the RS -232 output relays complete XM Satellite Radio information such as artist, song title, stream name, and number to automated touch screens. All XM information, plus AM/FM station and Internet radio streaming information scrolls across the Trio's front panel display for the convenience of homeowners without touchscreens.

Other automated features include; separate dedicated outputs for the AM/FM, XM and wireless signals to allow for independent control of each broadcast in up to three zones; discrete IR commands for each source; and a rear panel IR jack for easy operation via an automated system. Available in black or silver the Trio chassis is a slim -line design for easy rack installation.

Krell's full -line of audio equipment invites consumers to build nearly their entire home entertainment system with a consistent brand of the highest performing, aesthetically pleasing elements. With innovative engineering and perfection in build -quality, all Krell products are designed to deliver a dynamic and true audio experience.

Established in 1980, Krell Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of high -end audio equipment. Guided by the innovative designs and guidance of CEO Dan D`Agostino, Krell`s extensive line of amplifiers, preamplifiers, DVD players, surround sound processors, and loudspeakers are renowned for their exceptional quality, and the Krell brand has become synonymous with outstanding high -end performance among music and home theater enthusiasts everywhere.

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